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So, you’re heading because that Vietnam to take trip or work. Awesome! you’re in because that an impressive adventure! the a beautiful country, steeped in a rich culture that may be very unlike her own.

However, reflecting respect to the locals is a huge deal in every country approximately the world. A respectful manner and also attitude could open doors for you that would otherwise stay mystifyingly closed. Next from simply knowing ‘Thank you’ in Vietnamese, greeting someone appropriately in Vietnamese could incline a neighborhood to treat you an ext favorably than otherwise! So, the clever thing to execute would be to learn Vietnamese greetings before you embark on her journey. Vietnamese greetings are different from various other languages and also probably not what you’d expect. Yet if learning how to say ‘Hello!’ in Vietnamese in easy and fun ways is important to you, you’ve involved the right ar at

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1. Must-Know Vietnamese Greetings

Start directly away v this greeting lesson. That short, yet it packs a punch!

This short, but powerful lesson teaches friend the straightforward ways come greet someone appropriately in Vietnamese! at, you will be taught the exactly pronunciation and also intonation, and the correct times to greet in Vietnamese. And you will have fun!

The emphasis of this lesson is greetings in Vietnamese

subject 1: how to say “Hello”

Sentence indigenous the lesson: Xin chào “Hello (Informal, Formal)”

Xin chào way “hi/hello” and is used when we meet each other. You have the right to say Xin chào in both formal and informal cases at any kind of time of the day. As soon as greeting every other, Vietnamese world do no specify in ~ which time of the job they are meeting. Therefore, words favor “Good morning,” “Good afternoon” or “Good evening” are hardly used.

topic 2: exactly how to speak “Good-bye”

Sentence from the lesson:

Tạm biệt “Goodbye (informal, formal)”

Tạm biệt literally means “Good bye” and also is taken into consideration both formal and informal. “See friend soon” in Vietnamese is hẹn gặp lại and also again, the is offered both formally and also informally. The more intimate method to speak “See girlfriend soon” is hẹn gặp lại nhé. Nhé literally has actually no meaning, it is included at the finish just to do the sentence more natural and melodious: Hẹn gặp lại Hẹn gặp lại nhé.

Language pointer

A much more natural method to greet someone is to omit the word Xin and also just speak Chào in addition to an object pronoun addressing the one you’re meeting. The Vietnamese language is composed of a facility system of pronouns which vary according come gender, age and how nearby the relationship is. Because that example: Chào, bạnChào, anhChào, chịChào, emChào, chú/bácChào cô. however the easiest and also safest means to greet someone is saying Xin chào. That’s pretty convenient!

2. Typical Ways to Say Hello in Vietnamese


Standing at the airplane in a foreign country for the an initial time can be a somewhat scary endure for anyone, specifically if you need assistance. However, don’t concern – at we teach you exactly how to quickly get a local’s attention with friendly, exactly Vietnamese greetings! you are more likely to acquire helped this way.

Here is our Vietnamese greetings list of every the basic ways to attend to a human being upon meeting. That is tailored for formal and informal situations.

1- great morning.

Xin chào!

‘Good morning’ in Vietnamese is acceptable any kind of time between around 5:30am and 12:00pm, once the day is still young. And also smile – it’s the global ice-breaker!

2- great evening

Xin chào!

This greeting is one you would use casually as soon as night begins to fall. Resolve your friends, close family members or nearby acquaintances, and also those who space not your superiors, v this phrase.

3- exactly how are you?

Bạn có khỏe không?

Show her friendly interest in an additional person’s health by questioning this question. This is the casual greeting kind that you would certainly use v your friends and also family. For the benefits of the friendship, it would certainly be good to listen carefully to the answer! It mirrors caring and selflessness on your part.

4- How have actually you been?

Dạo này bạn thế nào?

This is a good question to ask someone you have not viewed for a while. The inference is that some catching-up is needed!

5- What’s up?

Có chuyện gì thế?

An universally informal and energetic means to greet your friends or equals! Literally, it method ‘What’s walk on in your life?’, yet regularly no answer is expected. It’s just a greeting! Crazy, right?!

6- long time no see.

Lâu quá không gặp

This phrase means is another greeting comment that way “I have not watched you for a while!” Often, no response is expected, except to reciprocate.

7- Hey!


This is a friendly exclamation come greet your friends or amounts to with. Reserve its use an ext for people you check out regularly!


8- good afternoon.

Xin chào!

‘Good afternoon’ in Vietnamese is casual greeting and also is used during the second component of the day. The appropriate period falls, in most cultures, native 12:00am till sunset.

9- How’s the going?

Dạo này, mọi chuyện thế nào ?

This greeting phrase basically method the same as ‘How space things progressing?’, ‘How room things walk in your life?’ or also ‘What’s up?’ relying on the friendship, a lengthy answer is not always expected.

10- It’s quite to see you again.

Rất vui được gặp lại bạn.

This friendly, welcoming phrase is ideal used after ~ greeting who you have actually not watched for a while. If you average it, you will certainly make the human being feel special! This is a an excellent thing to say to make someone feeling welcome in Vietnamese.

11- How’s everything?

Dạo này thế nào?

This is a sports of ‘How’s the going?’ use casually v your equals or nearby acquaintances.

12- How’s your day?

Ngày hôm nay của bạn thế nào?

Ask this when you’re speak to your Vietnamese friend during the day. It’s a friendly phrase to begin a conversation with.

13- Yo!


Yo! is English slang and a global greeting popular amongst young men of most nationalities. Fairly don’t price the phone with this, unless you understand your caller well!

14- Hello!

Chào bạn!

Suitable for use in many settings, situations and also persons, this is critical Vietnamese greeting come know. Be certain to master this word an initial at!

15- It’s quite to fulfill you.

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Thật tốt khi được gặp bạn.

When meeting someone for the very first time, this is a polite and friendly method to welcome them. It means you room happy to make their acquaintance.

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