Vietnamese brand-new Year goes by plenty of names, Tết Ta, Tết Nguyên Đán, Tết Âm Lịch, or merely TẾT!

It is the many important and popular festival in Vietnam where everyone comes residence to celebrate the new year with their families.

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If you're life in Vietnam or have Vietnamese friend or family members, the best means to anticipate because that Tết is to learn how to greet and also wish rather Happy new year in Vietnamese.

So in this lesson, you'll learn:

"Happy new Year" in Vietnamese

There room two means that the locals frequently use come say "Happy brand-new Year" throughout Tết.

1. Chúc mừng năm mới

This is the standard way of saying "Happy new Year" in Vietnamese, especially throughout your visit to others' homes, or appropriate after the countdown.

You have the right to use the to great everyone, consisting of your household members, relatives, boss, co-workers, and also friends.

The indigenous chúc method "to wish", and also mừng method "glad" or "joyful". Chúc mừng together has the definition of "to congratulate" in Vietnamese.

The indigenous năm means "year", and mới way "new". Therefore Năm mới literally method "new year".

2. Năm mới vui vẻ

This is an additional common way of speak "Happy new Year" in Vietnamese. Somehow, the doesn't sound as flashy together Chúc mừng năm mới.

The native năm mới together we know way "new year", and also vui vẻ means "happy". So the whole phrase literally method "Happy brand-new Year".

Common Vietnamese new Year Wishes

On the first few days the Tết, family members members, relatives, and close family friends would certainly wish each various other health, happiness, luck, and also prosperity.

Below room 10 common new Year wishes in Vietnamese the you have the right to use yourself.

General wishes

Vạn sự như ýliterally "Everything goes according to her wishes"

An khang thịnh vượngto wish for "Security, an excellent health, and also prosperity"

Career wishes

Công thành danh toạito wish someone success in their career like how they desire

Thăng quan tiến chứcto great someone getting the promo at work

Money wishes

Phát tài phát lộcto wish someone end up being rich and also prosperous

Tiền vô như nướcliterally "Money walk in choose water"

Tiền ra nhỏ giọtliterally "Money go out prefer water drops"



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Good health and wellness wishes

For older family members members or someone who is old enough to be your parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, friend would want to wish them "good health", you have the right to say:

Dồi dào sức khoẻliterally "Plenty that health"

Sống lâu trăm tuổiliterally "Live long till 100 year old" (for elders)

Trẻ mãi không giàliterally "Forever young, never ever gets old"

For small children, you can wish them:

Hay ăn chóng lớnEat well, grow rapidly (for kids)

Wishes to friends (casual)

The next few phrases space not the common, but they are quite casual and fun to usage it come wish her siblings or friends the you space close with.

Tiền đầy túi, tình đầy timPocket full of money, heart full of love

If it's a male person, you deserve to wish the to have actually ...

Một vợ, hai con, nhà ba tầng, xe bốn chỗOne wife, two kids, 3-level house, 4-seat car


The terms of address, or "pronouns" are words the you use to resolve someone in Vietnamese. You deserve to learn around it in my complimentary course find out Vietnamese Basics in 1 Hour for pure Beginner.

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Example sentences:

Năm mới, chúc anh/chị vạn sự như ý, phát tài phát lộc brand-new year, great you get every little thing you wish for, become prosperous

Năm mới, chúc ba/mẹ/ông/bà dồi dào sức khoẻ, sống lâu trăm tuổiNew year, great you (dad/mom/grandpa/grandma) have actually plenty of health, live long till 100 years old

Năm mới, chúc con hay ăn chóng lớn new year, great you (kid) eat well, grow rapidly

Besides the above phrases for brand-new year wishes, girlfriend can likewise wish them an ext simply utilizing the following words and literal phrases:

sức khoẻ - healthbình an - peace (= nothing poor would come)tài lộc - fortunecông việc thuận lợi - work/job walk smoothlycông việc thăng tiến - work/job advancescó nhiều niềm vui - have lots the happiness

Following the given patterns, we'll have complete phrases choose this to wish someone.

Năm mới, chúc ông sức khoẻNew year, great you (grandpa) health

Năm mới, chúc anh công việc thuận lợiNew year, wish you your work-related goes smoothly

Năm mới, chúc mẹ sức khoẻ và có nhiều niềm vuiNew year, wish you (mom) health and also have several happiness.



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Must-know words because that Vietnamese brand-new Year

Below is the list of usual words the you would certainly hear or see throughout Tết.

ăn Tết method "to celebrate brand-new Year"

giao thừa method "New year Eve"

pháo hoa / pháo bôngmeans "fireworks"

lì xìrefers to the happy money offered to the children by the adults during Tết, frequently in a red envelope