Want come know exactly how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Khmer? you’re in the ideal place. It’s constantly nice to wish someone a happy date of birth on their distinct day but why not perform it in a language that method something come them.As well as wishing your loved one a happy birthday in Khmer, why not also sing the Khmer variation of the happy birthday song! Read on to learn more about this.

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How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In KhmerKhmer date of birth Wishes & PhrasesBirthday Vocabulary In KhmerHow To song Happy date of birth In Khmer

How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Khmer

To great someone a happy date of birth in Khmer, you can say:EnglishKhmerHappy birthdayRek-reay th-ngai komnert
If you want to write this in the Cambodian script, here it is រីករាយថ្ងៃកំណើត.To listen the pronunciation of this phrase, inspect out the video clip below:

Khmer date of birth Wishes & Phrases

Alternatively, you can additionally use several of these Khmer birthday phrases:EnglishKhmerAll the bestSom oi krub yang ban la-orCongratulationsAbaarsatrHappy date of birth to youChuon por th-ngai komnertHave a great birthdaySom oi meen th-nhai la-orI wish you a wonderful birthdayChoun por th-ngai la-or knong th-ngai koob komnert
Check out the video below to hear the joint of several of these phrases:
If you’re speak to someone distinct then you’ll desire to know how to say I love friend in Khmer.

Birthday Vocabulary In Khmer

I’ve detailed some comfortable Khmer date of birth vocabulary below. These must come in comfortable if you’re celebrating a birthday!EnglishKhmerBirthdayTh-ngai komnertPartyPi-teech-bli-ungBirthday cakeNum koob komnertCandlesTi-enBirthday present/giftCado koob komnertInvitationKar an-chun

How To song Happy date of birth In Khmer

If you desire to walk the extra mile for her loved one or friend, shot singing the happy birthday song in Khmer. You will do it be happy to understand it’s the exact same tune together the English version, they just sing it in Khmer.Check the end the video below to hear the Khmer birthday song.
Thanks for reading this post on just how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Khmer. It’s a great idea to make the effort to learn how to speak this in someone’s aboriginal language or a language that method something come them.Your loved one or friend will certainly be for this reason impressed!Related posts:
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