Rather 보다 Grandparents Day favor we have in the unified States, Poland has separate ago to earlier days to honor grandmothers and grandfathers. Grandmother’s Day, Dzień Babci in Polish, is January 21st, and Grandfather’s Day, Dzień Dziadka in Polish, is January 22nd.

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Grandparents deserve to play an enormous function in the lives of your grandchildren. I understand my grandmothers did even though we lived an ext than 100 mile apart. My very own parents were an extremely involved in our daughters’ lives also though they were still working fulltime. They were a tremendous assist when we necessary an evening or weekend babysitters, and also they attended the girls’ run recitals and also concerts and were constantly willing to play. For numerous a polish grandmother and Polish grandfather, the commitment to grandkids is extraordinary and daily.


Polish Grandparents

During my weekday outings, I witnessed so countless of mine Polish next-door neighbors pushing a pram or out and about with toddlers. I would certainly say it’s typical for grandparents or also great-grandparents to be watching the small ones while parents are at work.

I know there space daycare centers for kids in Poland. True, I just say that v certainty due to the fact that I checked out one through my friend Yana as she choose up she 1-year old daughter. On a next note, allow me say that it bring away a significant amount that time to acquire a child all set to go outdoors during a polish winter. There are so numerous layers of bundling up, other that, fortunately, i missed raising children in Florida and also Arizona.

While there are daycare centers and nannies, a an ext common setup is to have grandparents in the caregiving function if possible.

Interesting statistics on the subject:

Senior Poles room much much more likely to be grandparents than their europe counterparts.On average, they have actually 3 grandchildren.They are with your grandchildren much more than various other Europeans, 1.5 time more.You can count ~ above babcia and dziadek (in Polish: grandma and grandpa respectively) to spoil their grandkids with time, attention, and good things to eat.

No doubt about it, babcia and dziadek are important human being in Poland, and you’ll desire to be able to pronounce the words and these holidays:

Babcia – pronunciation

Dzień Babci – pronunciation

Dziadek – pronunciation

Dzień Dziadek – pronunciation

Why 2 slightly different words for each that these unique roles? us will require a aboriginal speaker to tell united state in the comments, but I doubt it needs to do with how the word is being used. A grandmother or my grandmother? That’s mine guess, and my polishing does indicate a many guessing.

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I expect you’re lucky sufficient to it is in on one next of a grandparent/grandchild relationship.