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How to say an excellent luck in SpanishSpanish-speaking countries tend to maintain a fair little of superstition in their cultures, so the is an extremely common to have a selection of different ways to great someone luck. Right here is a perform of a few different ways to speak “Good Luck!” in Spanish.The most straightforward expression for wishing someone “good luck!” in Spanish is merely “buena suerte”. That said, there are tons of various ways the you deserve to express her well wishes. Here we have compiled several of the most usual ways come wish great fortune on who in Spanish.

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32 methods to say "Good Luck!" in Spanish

EnglishSpanishGood luck!¡Buena suerte!Good luck!¡Mucha suerteGood luck through it allSuerte con todoMy very best wishes.¡Mis mejores deseos!I great you good luckLe deseo buena suerte.I great you the ideal of luck.Le deseo muchísima suerteI great you success¡Éxito!Safe travels¡Que te vaya bien!Best wishesSaludo de felicitaciónBest wishesEnhorabuenaBest wishesBendicionesYou have the right to do it!¡Tú puedes!You deserve to do it! (Puerto Rico)¡Dale duro!I hope it transforms out goodEspero que todo salga bienI expect you have actually luckQue tenga suerteMay you have a most luckQue tengas mucha suertaIt"s a an excellent luck signEs una buena señal suerteI expect the stars align¡Que los astros se alineen!I hope the stars are kind to you¡Que los astros dare sean propicios!Break a leg!¡Rómpete una pierna! (rarely used)Break a leg!¡Mucha mierda!What great luck!Que suertudo!Good luck!Buena fortunaGood luck!Buena rachaGood luck!buenaventuraMay you have a the majority of luckTen buena suerteMay fortune smile upon you¡Que car sonría la Diosa Fortuna!I wish you successTe deseo éxitoThird time"s the charm¡A la tercera va la vencida!Better lucky tomorrowMejor suerte mañanaBetter luck following timeMás suerte la próxima vezI will certainly cross my fingers because that you¡Cruzaré los dedos por ti!
Wishing somebody great luck is a fun and lighthearted way to let them recognize that you are thinking that them and that you care around their success. Once someone is feeling specifically vulnerable or doubtful, such as prior to a big performance, project interview, or other essential event, this have the right to mean the human being to castle (and do all the difference). Whenever ns am traveling abroad, I uncover that this end up being among the most typical phrases the I usage while walking the streets. That is valuable for both friends and also strangers alike – you can tell someone that you wish them good luck ~ above a test, recognize the deal with they are looking for, or questioning someone to marry them. Or even an ext generally, you can just wish them great luck on every one of their future endeavors.

Spanish expression of good Luck

One of my favorite methods to wish somebody an excellent luck in Spanish is a small tongue and cheek. “Mucha mierda” literally converts to “lots of crap”, and is the rough indistinguishable of the English phrase that you can say to a stage actor before their power in a play, “break a leg.” Of food it is not intended literally in one of two people language, but it is a fun way to tell someone the you expect they perform well.

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In Puerto Rico, one might tell girlfriend “¡dale duro!”, or “hit it hard!” In this case, they are really encouraging you come have good fortune in whatever you are undertaking.

Spanish words of encouragement

If you are going to be researching abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, it is worth learning several that the methods that you deserve to wish somebody good luck in Spanish. A little encouragement walk a long way, and you could make somebody’s day!
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