How to pronounce crucial Polish foodsRestaurant owner Eva Zaczynski and also Polish residence President plunder Synakowski teach exactly how to pronounce classic Polish foods items in anticipation the the 59th yearly Polish Festival in Clinton Square.

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You've checked out the type. The swaggers from booth to booth, informing people: "I'm no Polish, I simply came because that the beer." Don't be the guy.

Don't be the girl either, the one who loudly orders "perro-gees" and "glob-key" while proud polishing speakers struggle to remain cool as she continuously butchers their language. (Guilty as charged -- watch the video for evidence).


Tom and Barb Burke of buy polish food from Karolina Zaczynski of Eva's polishing Restaurant at the yearly Polish Festival in Clinton Square.

With the annual Polish Festival coming up this weekend, we encourage persons to practice their Polish prior to ordering all the food. The chefs will appreciate the initiative (and her friends will certainly be for this reason impressed/confused).

We asked two professionals on polishing food and also language to present how to express a range of polish foods, some of which you may encounter at the festival and others friend can shot at regional Polish restaurants.

Our an initial expert is Eva Zaczynski, owner of Eva's europe Sweets in Zaczynski and her household moved come the U.S. Indigenous Poznan, Poland in 1988. She opened her restaurant in 1997 and also has since been do Polish-Americans miss residence with she hearty stews and also rich desserts.

The 2nd expert is Polish house President plunder Synakowski, who invested a few years living in Poland and speaks the language fluently. The polish Home's booth will sell timeless Polish food at the festival, including kielbasa (keel-BAH-sa) and chicken soup.

Watch the video above or below to watch their ideal Polish pronunciations, and patience v my poor delivery.

Synakowski describes mealtime in Poland together wholly various from the unified States. A polishing dinner deserve to stretch throughout many hours with numerous courses offered throughout a night.

Take your time together the polishing do and also enjoy the kind of meal that goes on for hours. Right here are a few key foodstuffs you'll run right into this weekend:


Kielbasa and also pierogi plate at Eva's europe Sweets.

These well-known pasta dumplings are typically filled with potato, cheese, sauerkraut or meat. The word is already plural in Polish, so you don't require to include an "S." You deserve to roll that "R" though. Eva will definitely have pierogi at her booth at the festival.

These cabbage rolls space stuffed v ground beef or pork and served v tomato sauce. Synakowski states a polishing "L" v a slash through it sounds favor the English "W" sound, when the polishing "W" sounds favor the English "V." Sadly, we learned after several failed attempts the Polish letters don't present up top top, so

Here's a pretty simple one come say. This sweet pastry looks favor a bundt cake, but tastes more like one American lb cake. Zaczynski will sell a range of miniature babka at the polish Festival, in addition to different species of ciasto,


Okocim (beer) in ~ Eva's polishing Restaurant.

.) classic Polish gulasz is a beef stew through vegetables, frequently served v potato dumplings or barley. If you can't find gulasz at the festival, opt for kielbasa, an east European sausage. There will certainly be plenty.

This traditional Polish beer will certainly be offered at the festival. The Okocim brewery was established in 1845 in Brzesko, Poland.

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