If you are a non-Italian life in Italy, a question you could wish to ask other foreigner nationals or travellers you accomplish is Parli italiano? which means Do girlfriend speak Italian?

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Parli is the second-person singular the the verb parlare (to speak / talk) whereas italiano method Italian. Note that the name of languages aren’t capitalised in Italian!

Before us proceed any further, it is necessary to be mindful that this is the informal method of posing this question. Most adolescents and young adults favor this kind when addressing their peers, regardless of even if it is or not they understand each various other well.

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Parli italiano? – Certo, lo parlo molto bene!

Do you speak Italian? – the course, ns speak it really well!

If you’re addressing an older stranger or who of a greater status than yourself however, the formal alternate Parla italiano? is preferred.

Parla italiano? – Sì, lo parlo abbastanza bene.

Do girlfriend speak Italian? – Yes, ns speak it reasonably well.

Important: In both cases, we haven’t had the topic pronouns tu (informal ‘you‘) and Lei (formal ‘you‘) since they are usually omitted in Italian, however it wouldn’t be incorrect to say Tu parli italiano? (informal) or Lei parla italiano? (formal). In the instance of the latter in particular, adding the pronoun Lei sounds much more polite.

Some possible responses to this inquiry include:

Sì, un po’ / un pochino. = Yes, a little.Sì, molto bene. = Yes, very well.Sì, certo. = Yes, that course.No, non lo parlo molto bene. = No, ns don’t speak it an extremely well.No, mi dispiace. = No, I’m sorry.No, parlo soltanto inglese. = No, I just speak English.
Parli italiano? – Sì, un pochino. = Do friend speak Italian? – Yes, a little.

What’s interesting about this expression is that you can additionally say Parli l’italiano? with the critical l’ (the) in former of italiano. Accurate this converts as Do friend speak the Italian?

Both versions space grammatically correct yet their consumption varies throughout different regions. Part Italian speaker swear through italiano ~ above its own whereas rather would uncover it funny come leave the end the determiner.

This preeminence only uses to the verb parlare (to speak / talk), insegnare (to teach) and also studiare (to study) however. With various other verbs such together apprendere (to discover / assimilate), imparare (to learn) and also conoscere (to know), the critical is required.

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