I have actually come across at least 2 words: pila and fregadero. Carry out they yes, really mean specifically the same thing or room there any kind of subtle differences? can they additionally be supplied for the washbowl the is not in the kitchen? room there any type of other words in barisalcity.org for the sink or washbowl or wash-basin?


Both space ok, it depends on wherein are located at your house.

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Pila is according to RAE:

Pieza grande de piedra o de otra materia, cóncava y profunda, donde cae o se echa el agua para varios usos.

And fregadero is a pila wherein to wash/clean. According to RAE:

Pila de fregar.

In Spain fregadero deserve to be outdoors at a terrace for instance when you room speaking around the one you usage to clean her clothers so you will hang the apparel out to dry, or the fregadero inside the kitchen provided to wash/clean her plates.

Pila is in the bathroom.

About washbowl is palangana

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I assumption: v this is very region dependent. I understand "fregadero" due to the fact that of dubbings, however in mine neck that the woods (Argentina) nobody ever before says "fregadero"; below it"s "pileta de lavar" (or just "pileta"); "bacha" is additionally used.

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In Mexico, equivalents of words sink (meaning the bowl where the dishes room washed) room tarja and also fregadero. There is no distinction whether it is at home or outdoors; that usually has actually one or two bowls and also made of metal or porcelain.

Lavadero is a rock made piece provided to wash apparel (Mexico.) normally a lavadero has a pila attached.

Pila/pileta is one uncovered rock piece made through the objective of save on computer water; generally to wash something yet this is no a should (its use definition sink is likewise regional.) Another definition for pila/pileta is pool (also regional.)

Lavabo/lavamanos is usually in the toilet or just outside the bathroom and used to wash ones hands. The is typically made the porcelain, yet other products can likewise used.

Palangana have the right to have different regional meanings yet in Mexico is a portable water container (i.e. Is not attached to buildings.) It can be made of plastic or metal.

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The water storage for buildings is dubbed aljibe/cisterna if that is underground; tinaco if that is elevated or placed on the rooftop. These are usually covered due to the fact that they keep clean water.