What is the best barisalcity.org translation of the English expression "Are you ok?" or "Are girlfriend alright?" (said the end of problem for someone who has actually just obtained hurt, for instance after tripping and also falling or obtaining hit through a round thrown in ~ them)?

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The exactly translation would certainly be "¿Estás bien?" or "¿Te encuentras bien?". Probably we use an ext "¿Estás bien?" for basic things and also "¿Te encuentras bien?" because that ask around feelings. Anyway, you deserve to use both because that the exact same purpose.


Apart native the two ways listed by Sergi, if you want to inspect if someones alright after obtaining hurt favor you mentioned, friend could likewise ask:

¿Se siente bien? - execute you feel alright?

¿Te has hecho daño? - are you hurt? (after tripping over/falling etc)

¿Estás herido? - space you hurt? (wounded)


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