Do you desire to learn just how to count in French? If you looking to get a manage on French numbers, I’ve gained you and your Eiffel Tower keychain covered.

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In this article, I explain everything you require to grasp counting in French. I"ll go you with both cardinal number (“one, two, three..) and ordinal numbers (“first, second, third…”).

Impress your friends. Dazzle her French lover. Have actually a baguette count-a-thon at the bakery. All this and an ext is possible. Yet first, review this article.

Let’s start with a handy-dandy perform of French numbers from one to ten. There will certainly be a few cheat sheets in this article. Scroll down for tables on counting approximately 100 and also ordinal numbers. I’ve additionally included a video that will help you through French number pronunciation. You have the right to use this video clip for listening and speaking practice.

French number 1-10: exactly how to count to Ten in French

Let’s start with the basics. Counting from one come ten in French is fairly simple. The French numbers up to 10 room as follows.

#French Number


French for “One”: Un or Une

Sitting at her favorite Parisian cafe and also wanting to order a coffee? Un café, s"il vous plaît will get you effectively caffeinated. That’s French because that “One coffee, please.”

Later the night, you satisfy up with some pals for a cold one. Une bière, s"il vous plaît can be useful. That means, “One beer, please.”

Did you notification that there room two execution of one/a/an in French? Un is the masculine version and une is the feminine version. Come learn more about genders in her target language, check out this write-up by Benny Lewis, founder the Fluent in 3 Months.

French number Pronunciation

Here’s a video clip I made the will aid you express French numbers.

There are two methods to pronounce six “six”, huit “eight”, and dix “ten”.

This little bit of information is for intermediate learners. If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t hurt to review this section. Just let the principles flow end you because that the an initial time.

The pronunciation of six “six”, huit “eight”, and also dix “ten” will rely on the word that follows them in a sentence. Stop look in ~ a few examples to help you know the differences.

When Six, Huit or Dix Is the critical Word in the sentence

Let’s begin with the most basic pronunciation. This is the one us use when we are merely counting. We additionally use this pronunciation once the number comes at the very end that a sentence.

Combien de billets avez-vous? – “How numerous tickets do you have?”

J’en ai six. (“seese”) – “I have actually six that them.”J’en ai huit. (“weet”) – “I have actually eight the them.”J’en ai dix. (“deese”) – “I have actually ten of them.”

When Six, Huit or Dix Is adhered to by a Consonant

If six is complied with by a word beginning with a consonant such as chiens (“dogs”), it will certainly be express “see”. This rule uses to all 3 numbers.

Six chiens (“see”)Huit chiens (“wee”)Dix chiens (“dee”)

When Six, Huit or Dix Is adhered to by a Vowel

If six or dix is adhered to by a word starting with a vowel, it will be pronounced v a Z ~ above the end.

Six oranges (seez)Dix oranges (deez)

French number 1-100: exactly how to count to 100 in French

Let’s take a look in ~ the first 100 number in French. After you’ve reviewed this, ok walk you v some hacks for getting them into your lengthy term memory.


As you have the right to see native the table, whatever is hunky-dory native one to 69.

Things get a small tricky for 70, 80 & 90. Fine look in ~ them closely in a moment. Nothing fret. If Napoleon can handle French numbers, girlfriend can, too!


1-100 in French. Whew! it is a totality lotta numbers. Let’s watch if us can find some patterns.

Start by discovering the numbers for 1-15. This is the foundation for all other numbers: un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze.Memorize the numbers for the multiples of ten: vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante, soixante, soixante-dix, quatre-vingt, quatre-vingt-dix.

Language Hack: Mundane memorization can be assisted by incorporating movement into the sessions. I still hear splashing water once I count in French. Year ago, ns took my flashcards into the shallow finish of a pool. Ns memorized them out loud when hopping indigenous one side of the pool to the other. Hey, every little thing floats your boat!

Once you"ve memorized the above, you can fill in the gaps through a simple formula:

For numbers from 16-19, take the rightmost digit and say “dix + (digit)”. E.g. 17 = dix + sept = dix-sept. This is favor English: 17 is “seven + ten” i.e. “seventeen”.It’s pretty an easy for 21, 31, 41, 51, 61 and 81. Friend simply include “and one” which is et un. E.G. 51 = “fifty and one” = cinquante-et-un. (The exception to this dominion are 71 & 91.)The number from 22-29, 32-39 and so on get contracted into a single word – so instead of vingt et huit, it"s vingt-huit. girlfriend merely include the single number to the 10s number.

Two basic wins:

zero = zéro: include a an intricate accent and you’ve gained this one.100 = cent: just remember the 100 cent make a dollar.

A couple of tricky numbers to master:

70 = soixante-dix i beg your pardon is “60 + 10”80 = quatre-vingts i m sorry is “four 20s”90 = quatre-vingt i beg your pardon is “four 20s + 10”

The country of France is whereby this wacky mathematics comes into play. In Switzerland and Belgium, you can use a easier version.

70 = septante80 = huitante90 = nonante

Folks in France would have the ability to understand you if you use those numbers. But what fun is speak in French without a little Parisian calculation?

Because 70 and also 90 space 60 and 80 to add 10, lock use teens to express their digits from 71-79 and also 91-99. For example, 71 is soixante-et-onze (“60 + 11”) while 95 is quatre-vingt-quinze (“80 + 15”). You can scroll earlier up come the number table come practice.

It sounds complex but it’s not. When you run v these a few times, you’ll have actually a solid master on the 70s and also 90s. Or quite bell-bottoms and also flannel plaid shirts.

What’s the word in French for 100?

We stated it earlier yet I didn’t desire you to miss it. So, right here it is again. Words for 100 in French is cent.

Here an interesting fact. 100 and also 1000 (cent and mille) never ever use the indefinite short article (un). Vice versa, the other larger numbers do. In English, we usage the indefinite “a” and “an”. For example, we have a hundred people here. Or we have actually a thousand world here.

In French, us say, “We have hundred people here.” or “We have actually thousand civilization here.” The indefinite article (un) is just omitted as soon as using the numbers cent and mille. As soon as we gain to a million, the indefinite short article is provided again. Let’s look at part examples.

Nous avons cent personnes ici. – “We have hundred people here.”Nous avons mille personnes ici. – “We have thousand human being here.”Nous avons un million de personnes ici. – “We have a million people here.”Nous avons un milliard de personnes ici. – “We have a billion world here.”

French numbers 1-1000: exactly how to counting to 1000 in French

Larger French numbers monitor a couple of simple rules:

For number from 100 to 199, usage cent adhered to by the rest of the number:

105 = cent cinq149 = cent quarante-neuf181 = cent quatre-vingt-un

For number from 200 to 999, you’re walking to be happy. Castle are reasonably simple:

200 = deux cents300 = trois cents400 = quatre cents500 = cinq cents600 = six cents700 = sept cents800 = huit cents900 = neuf cents

To fill in the gaps for the remaining numbers indigenous 200-999, monitor the same patterns as 100:

501 = cinq cent un508 = cinq cent huit530 = cinq cent trente531 = cinq cent trente-et-un565 = cinq cent soixante-cinq598 = cinq cent quatre-vingt-dix-huit

French numbers from 1 thousand to 1 Million

And now, on come the huge numbers.

Great news! friend only need to discover two new words to have the ability to count to 1,000,000. Those necessary words space mille (1,000) and also un millon (1,000,000).

The just time you"ll view un mille is in numbers choose soixante et un mille (61,000). You have to put one un in this number to differentiate it indigenous soixante mille (60,000). When talking around 1,000 with nothing in the “ten-thousands” column, write mille, with no un.

Forming brand-new numbers v mille and un millon is reasonably straightforward. It is best illustrated by example:

1,000 = mille1,001 = mille et un1,500 = mille cinq cents1,766 = sept cent soixante-six2,001 = deux mille un40,000 = quarante mille74,000 = soixante-quatorze mille100,000 = cent mille415,297 = quatre cent quinze mille deux cent quatre-vingt-dix-sept1,000,000 = un million3,000,000 = trois millions6,492,000 = six millions quatre cent quatre-vingt-douze mille8,841,932 = huit millions huit cent quarante et un mille neuf cent trente-deux

When you"re utilizing un million or a million v a noun, you have to use de. “One million cats” is un millon de chats. Literally, you"re saying “one million the cats”. That would certainly be one significant cat-lady.

Billions and also Trillions in French

1,000,000,000 (one billion) = un milliard1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) = un billion

While English uses the French word because that million, billion is not a cognate. A cognate is a word the sounds or looks similar to one more word in an additional language. Sometimes this is since they come native the very same family. Other times, it’s because the native is borrowed.

Un billion is French is what we speak to a false friend. The looks precisely the same as our English word yet it way something different. Un billion way a sunshine in French. V a little practice, you’ll have actually it down pat in no time.

Ordinal number in French

Let’s plunder this up through ordinal numbers.

What is an ordinal number? the is a number that explains a noun"s ar in a sequence (e.g. The very first runner to cross the end up line, the second house ~ above the right).

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First things first. This is a table to offer you the most necessary ordinal numbers. View if any of these words look familiar to you. I bet you’ll see a couple of words you already know.