Guys, exactly how are girlfriend doing? Today, i will display you exactly how to reset the oil maintenance forced light on mine Lexus ES 350. This automobile comes v the notorious Toyota v6 that you gain in a the majority of their vehicles. So this job is quite much throughout the plank for RAV4, Camry, ES300h not certain of auto cars, but these are the points you’re going come be using for this job.

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So as soon as the engine oil requirements to replace, a maintenance compelled light will show up on display. The maintenance interval need to be reset after ~ performing the service or act an oil readjust on her vehicle.


How to Reset Oil Maintenance compelled Light ~ above Lexus ESFor 2007-2012 (ES350)For 2013-2015 (ES350 ES300h)For 2016-2021 (ES350 ES300h)With navigation Display

How come Reset Oil Maintenance forced Light top top Lexus ES

For your info, this operation job-related for the fifth, sixth, and seventh generations that the Lexus ES (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 model years).

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For 2007-2012 (ES350)

So you’re acquiring the oil maintenance required light ~ an oil adjust on her 2007 Lexus ES350? In this segment, ns going to display you exactly how to reset the oil light in this vehicle. So the an initial thing you desire to perform is:Switch ~ above the auto without starting the enginePress the POWER switch twice without emotional the brake pedalDisplay expedition A on your odometer screenOkay currently cycle with the odometer until you get to expedition A by utilizing the ODO/TRIP button on the cluster

Now revolve off her carNext, at the exact same time press and also hold the ODO/TRIP button and also turn her car ago onKeep hold the switch until the post disappears

For 2016-2021 (ES350 ES300h)

In the recent generation that Lexus ES, you can reset maintain lights making use of the buttons ~ above the steering wheel.Double click the START switch to rotate on your automobile without starting it upHit the earlier button if you gained a message and it’ll going to pertained to the key screenThen you have to go come scroll with that top menu area and also find the ⚙️ SETTINGS food selection by making use of the navigation button

Next, scroll down until you get to VEHICLE SETTINGSPress the center switch to go into the menuSelect SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE or OIL MAINTENANCESelect YES to do the maintain data resetWith navigating DisplayAs you know, the Lexus ES 2013 to 2021 is equipped v a navigation display screen in the middle. You deserve to use this display screen to reset the maintain light. Follow these measures to carry out it:Get in the car and turn that onPress the MENU switch on the center console

Go to the SETUP menuSelect VEHICLEAnd then select MAINTENANCENow you can collection a maintain item in ~ a certain interval or RESET the existing one in this menu
So it is it. The engine oil is really important, therefore make certain guys change your oil ~ above time. That will make her engine live longer a many time. Therefore make sure to store your oil change on time; that’s a an extremely important key. Give thanks to you for reading, it is in safe and also bye.

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