In this guide, we describe what it method when your Chevrolet Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS) light continues to be on, go over typical problems and also what you deserve to do come troubleshoot this problem. 

What does it average when the Chevy ABS light continues to be on? 


When her Chevrolet ABS light stays on while driving, it could mean the the anti-lock brake system (ABS) is malfunctioning. A fault code gets stored in the ABS module.

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Your automobile may require a longer distance to stop.

If your auto is equipped through traction control, that mechanism will be disabled due to the fact that it counts on the ABS come function. 

One that the most typical problems that create Chevy ABS light is a negative ABS wheel rate sensor at one of the wheels. 


Common symptoms the you an alert when there is a trouble with the ABS top top a Chevrolet. 

ABS light stays onBrake irradiate onThe car requires a much longer distance to stop.Service traction regulate message.Traction and stability obtain disabled.

If her Chevrolet ABS light continues to be on, it might take longer to carry the auto to a finish stop, especially on slippery roads.

With no ABS, Chevrolet wheels deserve to potentially lock up throughout braking.

Why is mine Chevy ABS irradiate on? 

The most typical problems that cause the ABS light on a Chevy car are: 

Bad ABS wheel rate sensor,Defective steering angle sensor,Damaged cable harnessFaulty brake light switchDefective ABS module or pumpPoor soil connectionLow brake liquid level

Any the these difficulties can trigger the Chevrolet ABS light to remain on. To additional troubleshoot this problem, usage a diagnostic scanner to review the ABS module"s fault codes. 

How come Diagnose and Reset Chevy ABS Light

When a Chevy ABS light remains ON, a fault code will be save in your Chevrolet ABS module. To discover out why your Chevrolet ABS light is on, read the ABS module"s fault codes.

To diagnose Chevrolet ABS light(s), girlfriend will require an ABS OBD-II scanner because that Chevy.

Park your Chevrolet in a for sure area wherein you can work.
Locate the Chevrolet OBD-2 harbor under the dashboard. Plug the OBD-2 scanner right into the OBD2 harbor of her Chevrolet
Turn ~ above the ignition. Every Chevrolet dashboard lights need to turn on however do not start the engine. If your Chevrolet has START/STOP button, push it double without pushing on the brake pedal. 

Allow her Chevrolet OBD-2 scanner to attach to the Engine manage Unit (ECU). This might take a couple of seconds. 


Select Chevrolet native the menu. Manually select the Anti-lock Brake device menu. Chevrolet > design > ABS module. 


Read password from the ABS module. 

This is a procedure that have the right to be perform by her Chevrolet dealer, the local auto mechanic. You can also read Chevrolet ABS codes yourself if you have the appropriate OBD-II scanner.

Clear Chevrolet ABS Codes


Once you solve your Chevrolet ABS problem, you deserve to come back and clean the ABS error Codes.If your scanner cannot communicate with the ABS module, it is feasible that the ABS module is defective and also it demands to one of two people be replaced, which deserve to be an high-quality repair, or usage a third party that can rebuild your ABS unit.

Keep in mind that you can"t reset the ABS light on her Chevrolet till you resolve the difficulty that prompted the ABS light.

Rember to check the brake liquid level. If the level is listed below the MIN mark, include ONLY the brake fluid form noted top top the brake fluid cap. Frequently it will be dot 4 Brake Fluid however check the cap in your Chevrolet come verify.

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Use these steps to check out ABS password from Chevy vehicles such together Spark, Sonic, Bolt, Volt, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Camaro, Corvette, City Express, Trax, Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Silverado, Sonic, Blazer, Astro, HHR, Uplander, Avalanche, etc.

Chevy ABS irradiate on yet no codes? 

If you use a simple scanner that have the right to not accessibility the ABS module, you will retrieve no error codes also though the ABS light is on. That"s due to the fact that the error codes room stored in the ABS module, and also therefore, you need an OBD-II ABS scanner. Your scanner is most most likely only reading codes indigenous the ENGINE module and not the ABS module. 

If you have actually the ideal scanner however get an error when trying to communicate with the ABS module, in most cases, the module chin is bad, or there is a negative fuse.