When someone wish you an excellent things choose "Happy holidays and also blah blah" Is a correct and polite means to answer a flat:

"Thank you, likewise"

Or It must be far better to respond:

"Thank you, ns wish friend the same"

A teacher teach me the "likewise" one, however really ns never have actually heard that in real greetings. Many thanks in advance.

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It comes under to personal preference, but it"s quite common to echo the sentiment ago to the person. Because that example.

A: Happy Holidays!

B: say thanks to you. Happy Holidays come you too!

It"s likewise quite typical to hear much more informal responses, such as:

"And (also) come you!" girlfriend too! Thanks, very same to you! Happy brand-new Year come you and also yours (when you desire to prolong the desire to the various other person"s family)

"Many happy returns" (although primarily used nowadays to note a birthday), as likewise an acceptable response to "Merry Christmas" and "Happy brand-new Year". The emotion itself is issued the hope that a happy work being marked would recur many an ext times.

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