This is my first Instructable, and i expect it will certainly be a success because that those that are reading it. The details mower deck that ns am instead of the mower blade spindle bearings ~ above is a man Deere 322 Lawn Tractor, with a 50 customs mower deck. Over there were 2 bearings every spindle, and also a total of 3 spindles (the parts publication online made the look like only 3 bearings in total, and also I discovered that out the hard way after repairing the first spindle). I am sure that numerous of the old john Deere tractor mower decks room pretty close to the exact same process, for this reason this Instructable may use to others. I would recommend check the cost of the bearings, compared to a new spindle assembly prior to doing this work. The much less expensive mowers have tendency to have actually non serviceable spindles, and also the price is typically not precious the effort to readjust the bearings yourself.Caution: wear eye defense at every times while attempted to do this work. Do not host sockets or punches v your hands while hitting ~ above them through a hammer. Use the suitable punch holding tool, or locking pliers come securely organize punches or sockets. Once using a puller, make sure you lubricate the control screw, and do not usage an impact gun come tighten the puller shaft! In my numerous years of endure an impact gun, and puller are never ever a great idea to usage together.I simply want come say a word around my use of impact sockets as punches on some measures of this Instructable. I have been a technician for large vehicles fine over 13 years now. I am well conscious that sockets are produced removing fasteners. If you room fortunate enough to have a collection of bearing removal devices you need to use it. I, ~ above the various other hand, execute not have the size in my regular inventory of tools for occupational this small. Therefore, I assumed I would use the backyard mechanic method of driving out shafts utilizing sockets. I feel that influence sockets are more secure than consistent chrome sockets, due to the fact that the metal used on impact sockets is much more malleable. No matter what an approach you have actually at your disposal, you need to and always should usage eye defense whenever making use of a hammer that is intended to call other metal objects, such together the sockets or punches used here.

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Secure the blade holder finish of the spindle in a vise and also remove the lock-nut using an impact wrench. As soon as the nut is removed, you can pull turn off the pulley-block assembly. You might need to use a huge bearing separator to journey the tower of the spindle out of the facility of the pulley, to stop distorting the pulley.

Do not hit the bottom that the pulley-block with a hammer, you will bend it.


Using a punch and also hammer, carefully drive the woodruff crucial out of the shaft. It might be simpler to place the tower horizontally ~ above a hard surface with the woodruff key facing up, then tapping one next of the key into the obelisk to acquire the vital to role out of the concave hole.


Using a 3 jaw puller, you need to put push on the center of the shaft. The shaft might be very daunting to press out using a puller. Do not be temped to usage an impact gun; instead, simply hit the optimal of the puller with one shot native a hammer, and also continue tighten the drive screw top top the puller. When the shaft gets complicated to turn, simply hit the optimal of the drive screw v the hammer, again. Every time the screw is hit, the puller will certainly be easier to turn.


Please note: I carry out not recommend this method, unless you are certain the shaft is not stuck in the bearings. Driving the obelisk out utilizing a huge hammer have the right to potentially crack the real estate where the bolts host it right into the mower deck.

If you perform not have actually a puller, or you cannot store the puller on the housing as the column gets pressed more out, you have the right to use an impact socket and also a hammer to drive the shaft out. Make sure you use something the is smaller than the threaded end of the shaft, for this reason you do not damage the threads. Never hit the end of the obelisk with a hammer!


The lower bearing (on the side that the tongue is mounted) deserve to be moved out v a beat from the pulley side that the housing. Over there is a spacer in between the bearings that can be conveniently moved the end of the means so the bearing can be pushed out. Notice the spacer that is in between the bearings.

The top bearing is organized in ar using two circlips (or snap-rings). Friend only have to remove the clip/ring ~ above the finish of the housing. You might need come tap the clip around the perimeter with a hammer and punch and even use penetrating oil to gain the clip come come out. After ~ the clip is removed, revolve the real estate over, and just madness the bearing out utilizing a socket or punch.

Take a moment to gain your comfortable work, and toss the old bearings. Clean the end the housing, to prepare for the brand-new bearings. If vital use part emery document to remove any large rust buildup, whereby the bearings will sit.

Notice the inner clip/ring within the housing. You need to not eliminate that ring, and also it need to not be damaged or missing.

Using the vice, heat up the bearing, and also carefully tighten that in the vise to make sure it goes into the real estate squarely. When the bearing deserve to no longer go in any type of further v the vice, remove the real estate from the vice, and using a tiny hammer, and also socket that fits over the external perimeter of the bearing, tenderness tap the bearing till it bottoms on the inner ring/clip.

Re-install the external ring/clip, and make certain it is totally in the groove all the means around the housing.

Make certain you install the spacer first!

Line increase the new bearing in the housing, and also you can use the method as before with the vise to press the bearing in. Don"t worry about the spacer, you will be able to line it back up before you journey the spindle shaft back into the assembly.

Make sure the spindle pillar is clean, and all rust is removed.

Apply a light coat the never-seize come the shaft. Make certain the bushing is inside wall up behind the opening of the bearing, and also then insanity the shaft right into the very first bearing, so that it starts to go into the bushing. You can then usage the press, and also press the shaft most of the method into the new bearings. Eventually you will have actually the vise emotional both ends of the shaft, and also will need to go onto the following step.

With the blade finish of the column on a sturdy surface, and also using a socket that contacts the within metal part of the bearing, journey the housing the rest of the way onto the shaft.

Make sure that you usage a socket that is just big enough to not contact the subject on the end of the shaft.

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Apply some never-seize come the woodruff key, and also gently madness it ago into it"s hole. The crucial should it is in parallel with the shaft!

Using the same socket at the previous step to journey the housing onto the shaft, tenderness tap the pulley-block all the means onto the shaft, and install the Lock-Nut. Execute not over-tighten the lock-nut. The is designed come be very hard come remove, and also install so that does no come turn off in operation.