Almost every passenger car comes equipped with the ubiquitous rear view mirror that is centered on the front windshield. They differ by make and model but all have some features in common that make them easy to remove.

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Remove the Rear View Mirror from Ford Products. Ford uses three common variations of rear view mirror brackets. The oldest uses a 1/16 in hex head recessed screw to hold it in place. Simply use a hex key to loosen the screw. The mirror will lift straight off the bracket. The next most common is also the hardest to remove without breaking the windshield. Look at the bottom of the bracket and you will see the bottom two pieces of the retaining spring. Take a very thin punch and drive it between them. An alternative is to pry down on the spring while pulling up on the bracket. The second alternative is likely to break the windshield if you are not careful. The most common has no screw, and no spring visible. To remove you will adjust the mirror down and reach over the top grasping the stem. Apply downward pressure and the mirror will come off. Or, you may insert a thin screwdriver through the notch at the top and pry it off. The second option carries with it the risk of breaking the windshield.

Remove the Rear View Mirror from Chevrolet or Chrysler Products. This is truly simple. Most have a torx screw, size T20, that snugs the mirror to the button and thus to the glass. Loosen the screw and lift up. To install, only tighten the screw until it is snug. Over tightening can break the glass.

Remove the Rear View Mirror from Foreign Car Products. Most foreign cars use a rear view pivot. Grasp the mirror stem and carefully try to turn one quarter of a turn left. If that doesn"t work, then look at the bottom of the bracket and using a soft faced hammer tap upwards.

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Vice Grips with a towel (to keep from marring the mirror) will help turn those mirrors that seem "stuck". Never use a metal hammer. Always use a soft faced hammer. If the glass is already broken and you want to salvage the button, heat it with a torch. Once it is hot a sharp tap will take it off the glass.
An assortment of torx screwdrivers with T20 being the most common. An old towel A pair of vice grips A propane torch.


Don"t heat unbroken glass or you will get broken glass.

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