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Being the stupid person I am, i accidentally dripped methylene blue everywhere my beautiful white carpet. I have tried every little thing from bleach, oxyclean, pet cleaner, vinegar, the will just not come out. Everyone have any type of tips?

There is what on the brand that walk something like..."This substance will pretty lot stain anything, have a great day!"If no one of that has taken that out... I dunno, maybe try letting hydrogen peroxide sit top top it? that stuff have the right to take the end blood sometimes

Yea I read that tip somewhere, regrettably the area the is stained is nowhere near a window. Carry out you think a UV desk lamp will do the trick?

Hi takadi,Ouch! sorry for her problem. This is what i found: BLUE – Methylene blue dissolves in alcohol.

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Use Ascorbic Acid. Friend can gain it in ~ a swimming swimming pool supply company as a stain remover. That takes time. Spray the on, obstacle it and leave it. It will certainly take some time and also be replaced by oxidation stains (brownish/reddish). As soon as you get that, use Oxyclean to remove the oxidation stain.
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