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I wanted to do the eFan update on mine 2014 restricted 5.7L. I can obtain a crescent roughly the nut, however the pulley simply spins. Auto Zone go not have a tool. It likewise looks choose the nut the holds the sheave is part of the clutch real estate itself, so have the right to you only remove the pan blade assemble?I thought around sticking a bolt through the pulley holes and also using the water-pump housing to lock the pulley, yet that appears risky.Finally, counter-clockwise to ease the nut, correctThanks!

two ways to perform it, gain a specialty influence tool to execute it i beg your pardon is precious while if you execute it a lot, or just use the bigger crescent wrench and bolt/screwdriver choose the rest of us. I have actually a pry bar the I"ve supplied on several fans in the past, however it marks up the timing cover a bit.

I take it mine turn off my 03 a couple of times. Put a huge wrench top top it and hit it hard with a rubber mallot. The shock usually breaks it loose .


Assuming the 14 is the very same as the 10, the threads space reverse threads. For this reason it"s righty loosy lefty tighty. I had a hell of a time when I take it mine off. I spent favor 10 minutes with the waiting hammer type tool walking left before realized it to be backwards. I finished up having to use two air hammers to eliminate it ~ tightening that ungodly tight.

like claimed earlier..just get a big crescent on it and also a great whack or 2 native a simply needs to break free and it spins ideal off..counter clockwise
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Have no had any luck obtaining this mofo off however did control to rest the pan shroud trying to get access.. I"m do the efforts counter-clockwise, yet someone stated the object on mine (2014 5.7L) space reversed.Anyone know for sure?
BTW, there is no the shroud, the temp operation +7 - 10 degrees hotter.
Clockwise, large crescent wrench and also a hammer. Insanity the wrench and also it will come off. Don"t try muscling it, the wheel will simply spin.
Some come off actual easy, mine was very stubborn.Took 4 hands, two on a huge adjustable wrench v a snipeand 2 on a custom constructed spanner wrench to hold the pulley.
Nice gadget BR.Are the pins anything special,or simply mild steel rod?If friend were building it again,would you readjust anything,like manage lengths/pivot point etc.If girlfriend don"t mind,i"m gonna copy yours,that"s the factors for the questions:wavey:
Something as an easy as this will work,Made by Matt at Moes Performance is the device I make to remove the clutch fan. Simply a straightforward piece of level bar with 2 bolts placed about 2.25" apart. The bolts will go with the feet in the pulley-block which allow you to keep it from turning while girlfriend spin the clutch fan off with a huge crescent wrench.

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I had actually HELL!! Scarred increase water pump, make the pully look at hideous through screw drivers, broke my stock fan shroud prior to i take it it to a shop to have removed. The guys at the shop usage a wrench and impact hammer v NO luck. Called me they couldnt do it after about 20 minutes of trying. I checked out oreilys, purchase a hacksaw and also some cobalt blades. After around 1 hour ns sawed the SOB off. About an inch away from pully there is a sweet point out thats just past the inner shaft that you will certainly NOT reduced through through a hack saw. Not a an extremely fun suffer
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