Firstly i will start this overview off v all points fishing, due to the fact that fishing IS fun! i was pleasantly surprised by every the assorted things you have the right to do in the SIMS 3, and fishing is definitely a productive and also useful characteristics for her sims.

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Choosing Traits

First things first. You will want to select the Angler trait when producing or growing your sim. The benefits room as follows:

catch fish quicker have funny while fishing your sim will want to walk on fishing tripssim deserve to fish also when stressed


Improving Fishing Skill

Firstly you can improve fishing ability by fishing, however I suggest buying every fishing publication at the publication store. These are awesome since they tell friend what “perfect bait” to usage while fishing! as soon as your fishing skill has improved the more you fish, the larger and much better each fish you catch will be. For example when you first start fishing, you will be happy to catch anything. Then as you boost it will certainly go from an excellent to great to exellent, and eventually you will reach perfect fish.

note: I had my sim v 2 careers already before I started fishing and also was still able come max fishing skill just by reading and also fishing. It didn’t take really long, if I had been able to acquire the Angler trait, it would have been lot easier. Simply wanted come let you know it is feasible to fish there is no it.*


use overhead map and look for the fishing hook, click come visit the area.look for groups of fish in the water, these room the finest spotsclick on the team of fish and select “inspect water”fish in point out that room “Active”, fish will flop in the water. “Decent” areas will acquire much less bites.Each ability level you go up, you’ll be able to catch additional fish.The capacity to use bait will capture mostly a details fish. Check out “perfect bait list” below.


Amateur Ichthyologist – Catch every kind of fish – roll over fish in your newspaper to watch if girlfriend have captured them.

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Reward: Catch bigger fish

catching bigger fish fulfills an ext of your lifetime joy goalslarger fish likewise can be sold for an ext money or mounted in her houseCommercial Fisherman – catch 350 full fish

Reward: Catch fish faster

PERFECT BAIT LIST (All fish detailed from highest possible level come lowest)

skill level: goal fish -> bait -> bait

Level 10. Deathfish -> Angelfish -> Alley Catfish -> CheeseLevel 9. Lobster -> Tuna -> OnionLevel 9. Robotfish -> Piranha -> Minnow -> AppleLevel 8. Vampirefish -> GarlicLevel 8. Angelfish -> Alley Catfish -> CheeseLevel 7. Swordfish -> Anchovy -> TomatoLevel 7. Shark -> Red Herring -> Sausage LinksLevel 6. Black color Goldfish -> Goldfish -> LettuceLevel 6. Salmon -> LimeLevel 5. Blowfish -> Potato Level 5. Disastrous Clownfish -> WatermelonLevel 4. Piranha -> Minnow -> AppleLevel 4. Siamese Catfish -> Bell PepperLevel 3. Tuna -> OnionLevel 3. Red Herring -> Sausage LinksLevel 2. Jellyfish -> GrapeLevel 2. Rainbow Trout -> EggLevel 1. Alley Catfish -> CheeseLevel 1. Goldfish ->LettuceLevel 0. Anchovy -> TomatoLevel 0. Minnow -> Apple

Useful Traits

Loves Outdoors

better mood as soon as outdoorscan fish and also garden much better than various other sims

Other (possibly useful)

Loner (not approximately people when fishing) – an unfavorable for when about peopleGreenthumb (can use fish together fertilizer, likewise helps grow far better food because that cooking)Cooking (can cook what you catch)Bookworm (read fishing books faster) not a priority, however can be offered for other an abilities as well

Useful lifetime Purchases

Collector (40,000)- easily discover the finest fishing point out in map viewVacationer (15,000)- take it a day off from work, no one will noticeDirt Defiant (15,000)hygiene decreases slower

Other advice I’ve found

Stock Pond – put fish friend have recorded into a pond friend build.

Basically share pond allows you to have actually all the ideal fish nearby. You deserve to stock a pond through every fish friend catch, but you MUST have 10 the each type of fish or you will certainly not be able to stock it. Ns have also heard you can add fish come a fishbowl, yet I have actually been to busy to shot it