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In this lesson we are discovering the key parts of the track "Man In The Mirror", including the verse and chorus sections. The just thing we room not looking in ~ is when the an essential changes towards the finish of the song. Simone has produced a beautiful arrangement for acoustic etc of this Michael Jackson classic and we will spell out every one of the chord voicings below. Take your time and pay close fist to the notes Simone is picking with his choose hand in the video. Together always, over all else, have fun!

The verse Chords

For the verse we space using chord shapes together with the important melody note on the B wire (D note) that rings with the entirety section. This is typical practice because that acoustic arrangement - discover the chords first, then alter the chords to add the melody keep in mind on the greater strings.

The bridge Chords

As we move through come the leg section, we readjust the chords fully and use much more shapes relocating up the neck, including more barre chord shapes! right here are the choice of chords in the rough order they are played.

The Chorus Chords

The final part is the chorus (where MJ is to sing "I"m talking with the guy in the mirror"). In this ar we have an additional variation the chords that we have to learn, including the classic "Hendrix" chord! here are those chord shapes.

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The Structure

Finally we require to discover the framework of the song! We use a an approach of chord chart that you might or might not have seen in the past (shown below). If you have actually never checked out this and also don"t understand, please check out this beginners course: beginners Acoustic Course part 1 (100% free, as with all our courses). NOTE: because that the D significant chord you can either use the one over (Dadd9/11) or simply a simple D major chord. Lock both occupational well.

The Intro

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

The Verse

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// //// G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// //// G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

The Bridge

Am7 /// Bm7 /// C /// Bm7 /// Am7 /// Bm7 /// C /// D ///

The Chorus

G / G/B / C / D / G / G/B / C / D / G / G/B / C / A/C# / D7#9 /// ///

As friend get more through the song simply keep an ear open for dual choruses and also eventually the an essential change (after the second chorus) wherein the whole song moves up through one semi-tone (from the key of G major to G# major). But, this is for another lesson!

And there we have actually it! If you love this lesson and also love Simone"s layout then that is available for guitar lessons in London or via Skype. If you space interested please gain in touch for guitar lessons london or Skype guitar lessons. Have actually fun!