To do flaming arrows in Minecraft, you will require to obtain the fire enchantment together there is no item called flaming arrows in the game.

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But if you usage the fire enchantment, friend will gain what are essentially flaming arrows, as the fire enchantment will make any kind of arrows fired indigenous a crossbow or bow reason flame damage.

That said, if you want to gain flame in Minecraft, girlfriend will have to farm either enchanted books, fish because that the enchantment book, or prey dungeons and treasure chests.

You can also trade villagers because that the book, but that all depends if a villager has actually the flame enchantment book, so it"s much better to count on an ext reliable methods.

Starting through enchanted books, players deserve to farm them if they have actually an enchanting table together with books, and lapis lazuli.

Having in ~ least15 bookcasesplacedaround the enchanting table through a one-block buffer ar is also recommended as it will rise the chances of gettinghigher-level enchantments.

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Beyond this option, you can additionally fish utilizing an fascinating fishing pole, and potentially acquire enchanted books as a endowment reward.

To use the fascinating fishing pole option, you will very first need to enchant a fishing pole with luck of the sea.

Doing so will then increase the chances of you acquiring enchanted books while fishing. Next, after ~ fishing is the alternative of trading either emeralds for publications or looting dungeons; overall, both space decent alternatives but shouldn"t be relied upon together they space the least likely to job-related in the game.

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Once you obtain the fire enchantment through everything means, location it on her bow either by making use of an anvil, and you will then get flaming arrows in Minecraft whenever you usage the weapon on either a lot or a player in the game.

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