When it involves getting an excellent curl an interpretation that lasts, there are two important factors to consider: your product choice and applications technique.

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Even despite I"m a product junkie v no rehab stint in sight, even I can admit that technique is more important. You deserve to have the best curl defining assets at your fingertips, yet if you"re not utilizing and applying castle properly, you"ll blame the product because that the result of her style.

There space several techniques for applying curl definers to hair, raking, smoothing, praying hands, and also more. Yet there is one an approach that has been carrying the ideal results -- identified curls from source to pointer that room plump, juicy, de-frizzed, and far native stringy ramen noodle style.

Ouidad"s Rake & shiver Method

The Rake & shower was occurred as a method to define curls, encourage clumping without sacrificing too lot in the way of volume. The an approach guarantees even distribution of product and also minimal frizz--and guarantees perfect curls every time.

I came across the Rake & Shake technique about a year ago while poking approximately online learning more about Ouidad as a brand and salon. I came to be curious around the method, but wasn"t rather sold on just how successful it would be through my multi-textured, type 3-something curls. The videos I found from Ouidad verified ladies v looser textures (like 2A hair) obtaining their Rake & shower on--but ns was tough pressed to uncover a video of the on an ext highly textured hair. For this reason I made decision to carry out what I constantly do when I obtain curious around the cases a brand, product, or method makes--try it out myself!


The Rake & Shake an approach is yes, really simple, and involves just a few minor adaptations from exactly how you probably currently apply product to your hair for wash and go styling. Really, it"s modification shingling.

What you"ll need

In this video, i styled mine wash and also go through As ns Am Leave-In Conditioner, sunny Isle Jamaican black color Castor Oil, and Eco Styler Argan Oil gelatin -- the yellow one. You can use Ouidad styling commodities to carry out the Rake & shower (the consistency and also slip of their Tress Effects and also Climate regulate gels is perfect because that raking and shaking), or experiment and get the technique down with assets you currently have in ~ home.

In this video, my hair is fresh co-washed and also deep conditioned, and also divided into five sections come make things easier. I used my leave-in and JBCO in the shower, so I"m maintaining a spray bottle handy just in instance my hair starts come dry.

Remember, the finest wash and go"s take place on WET hair! recording the curly while it"s quiet wet will certainly guarantee friend a longer lasting result.

Got your commodities ready? Let"s go!

How to Rake & Shake

1. Take a generous amount of your curl definer of selection and use it to the root, then smooth and rake it with the entirety of the bigger section. Really job-related it in so it coats every the strands. Then, take a smaller section within that larger section and move the remainder of the hair out of your way.

2. Starting at the root, rake her fingers v your hair. Rake thoroughly 3 or 4 times, so the your hair is same clumped between your fingers. This is walking to provide you much more plump clumps of curls.

3. On the last rake, avoid just quick of letting the hair go. Stop on to the ends, gently shake the hair up and also down a couple of times to set the curl. Make certain that you"re stop the hair in an outside motion, away from your scalp. This ensures that your curls will certainly be identified to the root, yet won"t fall flat.

4. Repeat procedures 1-3 throughout each section of her hair.

5. Air dry, diffuse, or use a mix of both. Ns personally prefer to air dried (I live in LA. It"s quiet 80 levels every day).


Took me every one of 15 minute to rake and also shake my entire head. Currently air drying, that"s another story. Regardless of what product ns use, it"s an all day process. As you deserve to see, the outcomes in this video clip really cosign top top the cases that the Ouidad folks make. Rake & shower has provided my curls new life! No more frizzy roots, no much more randomly stringy ramen noodle curls. I even discovered that when letting mine curls wait dry, i didn"t need to pin them earlier like I usually would to develop that elongation in the former (thanks to the fact that that shrinks considerably an ext than the back half of my hair). For all the ladies like me with multiple textures, this is a full game changer.

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Watch my tutorial

A many times, we naturalistas get comfortable in our styling boxes based upon texture and type. I"m sure many form 3 and 4 ladies have actually heard of the Rake & Shake, but skipped previous it based upon no being may be to determine with the hair design in the video. Hopefully my video clip can aid bridge the information space a little--some techniques and methods have the right to be universally applicable.