I have constantly been curious what’s inside of these color an altering candles. These candles start emitting light once lit and colors usually change (nice the atmosphere light). Most renowned ones are most likely Air Wick ones. There are additionally others the end there choose Coleman for example.

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I ultimately disassembled one to check it out.

These candles have actually color an altering LEDs in the bottom. This tiny thing which brings a romantic setting can also bring “second hand” delight to rip that apart and also discover parts and make something useful. As whatever with LEDs /electronics inside.

Findings and how color transforming candles work?

The candle has a little electronic device in the base that is turn on through the infrared light (IR) given off by the candle when burning. Girlfriend can suggest a TV far to it and cause it come come on together well. In ~ first, I believed it’s a casual photoresistor. Ns was wrong.

I to be expecting RGB LED but it to be actually different LED elements with a different color for RGB. It was powered through 2 tiny 3V batteries (CR2032).

I have an idea come hook it up with bigger RGB brought about drive it v this tiny chip. Would be straightforward to use “logic chip”- rather of using Arduino or such.

Now the image of the disassembly

Let’s view what contents can we can uncover inside. The very first step is come dig v candle wax.


LED color an altering candle- digging trough wax


Color transforming candles- electronics stand


Color transforming candle within leds visible


LED color transforming candle- 3 LED’s visible


Color an altering candle inside electronic devices with battery exposed

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