The objective of this page is to show how come make about 40 ppm Colloidal gold from .999 fine (24 Karat) gold wire, using an electrolytic process to do AuCl3, and then to mitigate the resultant gold chloride to colloidal gold by method of a reduce agent and also stabilizer.

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WARNING: Ingest Colloidal yellow at your very own risk. This information is presented for educational objectives only. Disregard this in ~ your own peril!

Gold nanoparticles were used to make the beautiful red and purple colour in stained glass discovered in the middle ages Churches. According to Professor Zhu Huai Yong the Queensland University, gold stained glass windows room able come purify the air and look satisfaction to the eye.

The Electrolytic Process:

The electrolytic procedure (electrolysis) consists of placing 2 electrodes in a equipment containing an electrolyte, and also passing electrical present through the electrodes and also solution. The electrode associated to the confident voltage is dubbed the anode, and the one connected to the an adverse electrode is dubbed the cathode. Electrolytic procedures are normally used because that electroplating one metal on top of another, and are the processes which do batteries work. In this process, gold will be eliminated from the anode and enter the solution as yellow chloride, and also then be converted to yellow particles by a reduce agent.


You will need the complying with materials.1 ) .999 fine gold wire anode, 22 guage, of around 6″ come 1 foot in length.3 ) salt Chloride (NaCl) (Ordinary table salt) because that the electrolyte.4 ) salt Citrate (Also referred to as tri-sodium citrate) because that the reducing agent.5 ) DC strength supply qualified of providing 500ma
30volts6 ) 500 ml pyrex beaker7 ) warm plate, bunsen burner, or alcohol burner qualified of boil 250 ml of water.8 ) Distilled water.9 ) rap supplies, scale, graduated cylinders, ring stand, etc.


If you space not competent working v electricity, acquire assistance, or execute not do this procedure. When 30 volts dc is no lethal, short circuits can ruin the strength supply.

Stock Solutions:

We will make stock services of our chemistry in .05M strength1

To make 100ml of stock:NaCl: 0.3 grams the NaCl dissolved into 100 ml the distilled H2OSodium Citrate: 1.47 grams liquified into 100ml of distilled H2O

The Electrodes:

For the confident electrode, a item of .999 pure gold cable is needed, preferable 22 guage or larger, and also long sufficient to submerge at least an inch into the water.

A plain 14 gauge copper wire works well as the cathode (negative electrode), and may be bent so the it develops a hook permitting it come be hung on the leaf of a 500ml beaker.

Power Supply:The strength supply should be able to supply at least 500ma to be safe. While a constant current supply is no an absolute necessity, that does however make the process time consistent and also removes several of the variables pertained to the submerged surface area and also distance between electrodes. The strength supply used for this experiment to be a 30vdc
1 ampere unit purchased indigenous Radio Shack. (Output voltage in reality reads 36 volts). The strength supply voltage itself is not specifically critical, and any supply capable of supply 500 ma in ~ 20 come 40 volts should work. 30 volts was provided here because that is what to be available.

The Process:

Arrange the device so that the beaker is on the hotplate or suspended over the bunsen burner through a ring stand.

Add 250ml the distilled water come the beaker.

Suspend the electrodes in the beaker and bring the water to a boil. Leaving the strength supply off.

With the strength supply turn off, attach the gold electrode come the positive supply terminal, and also the stainless stole or copper electrode to the negative. Make certain that there room no quick circuits, and also that there is no exposed wiring i m sorry could cause a short or a shock. Do not strength it increase yet.

If you have actually a magnetic stirrer, put the magnet into the beaker. Make certain the stirrer magnet go not contact either electrode.

Bring 250ml water to a boil.

Add 15ml of stock .05M NaCl systems to the beaker.

Add 5ml the the stock .05M salt Citrate solution to the beaker.

Energize the power supply. Bubbles have to start developing on the electrodes, with approximately twice as lot gas evolving native the negative electrode.2

Within minutes, a red tint must start come appear.

Continue to add distilled water as required to keep 250ml.

When the desired shade depth is produced, or no an ext color change is detected, rotate off the power first, then remove the electrodes. You must now have actually red colloidal gold. Filter, and bottle.

Further Observations:

While the spacing in between the electrodes walk not influence the reactions, the does have a practical result in that bigger spacing allows more time because that the gold ions to be decreased to metal particles prior to they move to the cathode. If the ion reach the cathode, they will be diminished to metal plated come the cathode rather of remaining in the solution. Therefore, higher voltage is beneficial as it enables the electrodes to it is in spaced farther personal while keeping the current.

It is the present which identify how countless gold ions per minute room produced. (See Faraday’s Laws)

As the Au+++ ions get in solution, they migrate to and are pulled to the cathode since of the electric field between the electrodes. If the Au ion reach the cathode, they will be reduced earlier to metallic gold, which is not what us want. (This is the an easy electroplating mechanism). By adding the reducing certified dealer (Sodium Citrate) at the begin of electrolysis, the Au ions have a high probability of finding a molecule the the reducing agent before reaching the cathode. When this happens, the ionic charge is neutralized, and cost-free metallic gold appears in the solution instead of ~ above the cathode. However, a little amount the the Au ions may be diminished at the cathode, bring about some loss yellow particles.

Note the the salt atoms are basically trapped in ~ the cathode. As quickly as lock are diminished to sodium metal, they instantly react through water come again create sodium hydroxide which instantly ionizes, permitting the sodium cation come be reduced to metal and also start the cycle all over again. This consequently produces a secure stream the OH- ions moving towards the anode to it is in turned into oxygen gas and water again.


1) .05M method .05 Molar. A 1 molar concentration way that over there is the identical molecular weight of the molecule in one liter the solution. A Mole of any kind of substance has the same variety of molecules of the substance as any type of other substance. So, a .05M solution has 1/20th the a molecular load of the substance per 1 liter the water.

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2) The an adverse electrode produces twice as lot gas due to the fact that the electrolysis breaks under 2 hydrogen atoms to 1 oxygen atom.