We are trying our hands at chunk candles. We"ve got Peak"s 1343A wax and their fluid dye in the 3 main colors (blue/sky, red/pink, yellow).

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We"ve got Peak"s Caramel to apologize FO and would choose to make part caramel fancy chunks.

Can anyone indicate a shade formula us can try as a beginning point?


John & Mary


Bitter Creek phibìc sells a coffee shade in liquid form and relying on how lot you use it provides a an excellent caramel color.


My wife and also I space newbies. :wave:

We are trying our hand at chunk candles. We"ve got Peak"s 1343A wax and their liquid dye in the 3 primary colors (blue/sky, red/pink, yellow).

We"ve got Peak"s Caramel apple FO and also would choose to make some caramel colored chunks.

Can anyone imply a shade formula us can shot as a starting point?


John & Mary


I usage the shade blocks from C&S and also that allows me to control how much shade goes in to actually gain either a light, tool or dark. If you space using either fluid or blocks just use a tiny bit that brown and the wax acts as a white/ivory shade to give you the lighter tones. Also C&S sell a color wheel that shows you exactly how to mix what to obtain what girlfriend want.

Hope this helps.

Well first would it is in to figure out just how to make brown through what girlfriend have. Sooooo, use all the colors. The will get you there, but it"s walking to it is in tedious.

You have actually red and yellow, i m sorry will acquire you come orange. I believe if you include blue to the you can get to brown, which consequently you deserve to lighten increase with an ext wax and probably a touch that yellow. Great luck in the lab.

You could likewise combine blue and also yellow come make green and add red to it to obtain brown. Then you"ll have to play roughly with making the color lighter to acquire to caramel.

Forget the color wheel stuff. The isn"t going to tell you that one drop come one fall will provide this color. Girlfriend will have to experiment.

Scented"s right...it"s walking to be hit or miss. This might assist some.


I mix purple and also yellow to gain brown. Girlfriend might try mixing up some purple (red & blue) in a bit of wax in a dixie cup. Carry out the very same with yellow climate you deserve to slice and also mix till you get the shade you like.

I can gain a caramel color using a fluid vanilla dye. But you have to test out exactly how much to usage in drops-- more drops much more caremel color. Coffee shade works too.

If you don"t have actually either try mixing brown and yellow together.

I usage an aluminum tea light mold to help me test. I placed in a little bit of melted wax and add a autumn of shade to test and also mix through a toothpick and also let it set. Then when I do my candle I usage quarter pieces of the dyed tea light wax to include to the candle i am making till I acquire my wanted color.

Thats how I get my vanilla color. Vanilla goes a long method and has to be supplied sparingly-- or it turns caramel brown. That"s why I thought you could try vanilla.

Sorry-- just realized you had only major colors to work-related with.

Do a google search for a color wheel. I sometimes use a color wheel come mix colors ns want using primes.

Thanks for every one of the great advice. I played foolish scientist yesterday and came nice close. Poured our very first two 3x6 chunk pillars last night and also one is test burning now.

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