Frequently Asked concerns (FAQ)

Do you follow back?

Nope, sorry. This is secondary blog and it doesn’t permit it to monitor or monitor back.

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Why girlfriend reply blog post with her main/personal blog?

Same reason, since this is a secondary blog and barisalcity.org doesn’t allow it.and due to the fact that i don’t want you miss it.

When go you start this blog?

12 April 2011

Where space you from?

Narnia loljk :P Malaysia (asian)

How did friend learn all of this tutorials?

Exploring and also Experimenting

Where carry out you learn all html/css/javascript code?

Can i request / submit tutorial?

Sure! pointer are constantly welcome, and we’ll credit transaction you.

When girlfriend will update this blog?

We will update this blog once we have actually time and new tutorial come share, yet if girlfriend have difficulty with her theme simply leave me message, i will reply friend as quickly as possible.

Why you no reply my message

i will reply your message when i have timei’m not going reply her message once i check out the problem already fixed

Why the codes not working?

When you copy and also paste the code from here to your html page / design template docs / theme, make sure you RE-TYPE all the quotation mark instance ( “ ) change to ( ” )

Why the scroll bar with photo / Stylish scroll Bar doesn’t work-related for me?

It’s just working ~ above Google Chrome.

Why the Saving energy doesn’t work?

Where is the tags?

usually that is top top the optimal of the code


How to uncover the sign / code?

Click ctrl + F and searchbar will appear. Type the word/code you want to find and it will certainly hightlight foryou.

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barisalcity.org Academy is a accuse Blog. Girlfriend can find a miscellaneous tutorials for her barisalcity.org consisting of html code, theme, valuable link, tips etc.

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For design template Docs● power Saving Mode● Welcome Message● placing A Background● putting A Header● countless Scroll● Disable appropriate Click● Fading Image● Reblog button On her Post● Cursor● role To optimal Button● recommend Button● Stylish Scrollbar / Scrollbar through Image● Sparkle attach Hover● Rainbow attach Hover ● shaking Image● pop Up questioning Box/Link for Descriptions● background Music ✓ Youtube Player ✓ SCM Player ✓ MixPod✓ Streampad● Ask box In Description/Sidebar● Twitter Badge● chat Box●Make A Link● hit Counter and User Online●Scroll Box● Scrolling picture / image Marquee● navigating Bars● sliding Drop under Menu● sliding Drop Down menu With ImageFor Dashboard ●Missing e 1.5.7 <update>< ✓ Unfollower List. ✓ follow Checker. ✓ Bookmark. ✓ Magnify. ✓ Reblog Yourself. ✓ for sure Dash. ✓ Time Stamp. ✓ post barisalcity.org Crush. ✓Jump to Dash. ✓ Ask box In Dashboard. ✓ Enlarge barisalcity.org Avatar. ✓ Slim Sidebar. ✓ One Click Reblog. ✓ fixed Editor Tweaks and so on >● Dashboard / Log-in Background● OthersBasic / because that Posting● simple HTML Code● Marquee● adjust URL● Hide adhering to People● follow Yourself● Answer concerns With Image/Gifs● Let people Answer her Post● link Tag Post● do A PageMusic Posting● variety of post to display on her blog● enable Ask crate (for new dashboard)Others● image For Saving energy / Standby Mode● monitor Anonymous Ask● Redirect come a brand-new URL●Delete an additional Blog● barisalcity.org Status● Disable monitor Button● Mapping photo / picture Map● lift Layout● on facebook Things● design template Recover