What is the ideal circuits because that flashing lights v repeaters ? I"ve seen old school means with redstone but now with the repeaters, exactly how to perform it appropriate ?


With Redstone, there isn"t yes, really a appropriate or wrong method to do anything. Below is one simple method you deserve to use to produce flashing lights.

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In this image, the component of the circuit at the bottom is recognized as a clock. The switches the Redstone Torch associated to the block from the on and off position. As soon as the torch is off, no strength is sent out to the repeaters. This enables the torch to rotate on. Then, the "on signal" travels through the repeaters and also turns turn off the torch. This sample repeats infinitely.

The signal is then sent to the repeaters in the hole i made. When power is sent out through the repeaters, the block in front of them becomes "powered". This turns off the Redstone Torches mounted on every of those blocks, and in turn, alternates the Redstone Torches top top the surface ar on and off.



Like this:

B = a block of whateverW = redstone cable on the groundT = A redstone torchR = repeaterTB



One thing you can do is using redstone lamps you deserve to wire it increase in a complete circle say around the roof of a building, v the lamps in the corners of the building. You wire it up in this row and in the middle there is a circle of redstone and also redstone repeaters. You break the redstone top top the right bottom hand side and also place a redstone torch and then instantly break the torch and place down the redstone dust. This subsequently (as lengthy as you"ve wired it up correctly) make a circuit the is in a repeating pattern.


You can transition click two hoppers so they space pointing to each other and also put 1 block in among the hoppers. Then a comparator coming off v repeaters after that to delay it.

It"s easy just:- place two Repeaters right beside each other, facing opposite directions. - affix them utilizing Redstone.- Choose any type of spot the Redstone together your output, and also have it go over the lights and also place a lever somewhere v Redstone.- Flick it on and also then off exceptionally quickly and you have actually the flashing lights (it might takes a couple of tries relying on what tick you have actually the Repeaters on).Be certain to store both Repeaters ~ above the very same tick.

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