The knee is just one of the most complex joints in the body. It should bend, extend and rotate in enhancement to sustaining the complete weight of the body. The knee has only three bones but many tendons and also ligaments that manage the movements. Friction between bones throughout movement is prevented with pads in between the bones referred to as meniscus. A model knee can become complicated if all of the components are included. A basic model may contain the bones, meniscus and a few of the significant ligaments.

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Form the white clay into the three bones that the knee, tibia, femur and also patella, according to a knee diagram. (A connect to a sample diagram is provided in "Resources.") glue a level magnet to the femur in the socket area. The socket must be formed to enable the steel sphere to be put into the tibia.

Cut the scouring pad right into a circle that will certainly fit right into the socket area the the tibia. Adhesive the scouring pad ~ above the tibia. This will represent one of the meniscus.

Insert the steel ball above the scouring pad. Glue in place. The steel ball will allow the share to extend and also flex. Glue the patella ~ above the front of the femur so that it hangs end the share of the femur and tibia. Perform not adhesive to the tibia, as that will avoid the knee native moving.

Lay the tibia and femur under on a level surface through the front of the bones dealing with in the exact same direction and also the patella overlapping the femur. The bones must be in a directly line through each other. Cut three elastic strips long sufficient to stretch indigenous the tibia over the former of the patella and attach to the femur. Choose one elastic strip and staple the end to the femur just above the knee joint. Staple the bottom finish to the tibia just listed below the knee joint. The elastic have to not it is in stretched once the joint is in this position.

Attach one elastic piece to each side of the knee indigenous the femur come the tibia. Flex and also bend the share to verify the elastic and also the stole ball continue to be in place. If the elastic does no hold, adhesive each end in place.

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Knee diagram White clay or molding foam Glue flat magnet Scissors Scouring pad Steel round 3 elastic strips Stapler
The magnet and steel ball should kind a shortcut that enables the share to move freely but still stay firmly together. If a steel ball is not available, use a ping-pong round instead. Use scissors to cut the level magnet come fit right into the socket area if necessary.

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