A 10M sodium hydroxide (NaOH) stock systems is used for many applications consisting of adjusting the pH of various solutions.The Normality that NaOH systems is same to the molarity of the solution. This method that the normality that a 10M equipment of NaOH is same to 10N.The molecular weight of NaOH is 40. That method you must dissolve 40 g the NaOH in water to attain a 1 liter the 1M (or 1N) NaOH solution. To prepare a 10M NaOH solution, you should dissolve 10 times more NaOH i.e., 400 g the NaOH for 1 l solution.Here we will certainly prepare 100 ml that 10M NaOH solution. Therefore, we should take 40 g that NaOH.Dissolution the NaOH is a hyperthermic reaction (generates heat), therefore, NaOH is added in water in small quantities instead of including all in ~ a time to limit the warm generation as too much heat can damages the container (glass beaker).

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Reagents and solutionsSodium hydroxide (NaOH) palletDeionized / twin distilled water

Equipment and also disposablesMeasuring cylinder/volumetric flaskErlenmeyer flask / BeakerGlass rod/Magnetic stirrerIce bucket through ice (optional)Weighing Balance

Composition10 M NaOH solution

ObjectivePreparation the 100 ml that 10 M NaOH systems in water


Use personal protective equipment (lab coat, gloves, goggles etc) for your safety and also follow the guidelines of her institute.

Step 1: to prepare 100 ml the 10 M NaOH solution, sweet out 40 g that NaOH (molecular weight: 40).

Precaution:Don’t disclose solid NaOH come air for a lengthy time while weighing. NaOH is hygroscopic in nature and also absorbs water indigenous the atmosphere quickly.

Step 2: Dissolve NaOH pellets in 70 ml water through adding tiny quantities that NaOH in the water.◊ take 70 ml deionized/double distilled water in a beaker.◊ include a few pellets (4 – 5 pellets each time) of NaOH in water and wait till they dissolve. Repeat this until all 40 g NaOH pellets are liquified in water.

Precautions: 1. The dissolved of NaOH is a very exothermic reaction, which can also break the glass beakers. That is recommended to store the manufacturer on ice cream while dissolve NaOH.2. Never add 70 ml water to 40 g NaOH the pellet.

Step 3: readjust the equipment volume come 100 ml through deionized/double distilled water.◊ Transfer systems to a measuring cylinder/volumetric flask (capacity: 100 ml) and adjust the volume come 100 ml v deionized/double distilled water.

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Storage:The solution have the right to be stored at room temperature for several months.

Note:There is no should sterilize this equipment by autoclaving. No pathogen will flourish in concentrated NaOH solution.

Applications● NaOH is a strong base and commonly supplied to change the pH of countless solutions.● Plasmid isolation through alkaline lysis method● ready of EDTA solution

Follow the table come prepare NaOH solution of certain concentration and also volume
Conc. / Volume50 ml100 ml250 ml500 ml
1 M2.00 g4.00 g10.00 g20.00 g
2 M4.00 g8.00 g20.00 g40.00 g
5 M10.00 g20.00 g50.00 g100.00 g
10 M20.00 g40.00 g100.00 g200.00 g


Use calculator to calculate the quantities of NaOH for the ready of NaOH systems of specific concentration and volume