From every the astounding points he had done transparent his career, levitation appears to it is in Criss Angel’s most famous illusion. He has actually performed that in assorted settings and circumstances and also did it in many different ways. Whether he is levitating various other people, paris from one structure to one more or just casually lifting off the floor on the sidewalk, Criss never stops working to leave his audience dumbfounded.

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Here us will disclose some the the techniques Criss uses to create the illusion the levitation.


Building levitation revealed


This is more than likely the most well known one. In the middle of the day, Criss levitates native one building to one more in front of a pair of spectators.



So, how could Criss possibly be floating in mid air without the spectators noticing something suspicious? Without giving it much thought, a painfully evident explanation comes to mind: lock weren’t real spectators. While we can be dead wrong about that, it definitely seems to be the case. The world watching were most likely stooges, just playing follow me to make the illusion an ext convincing. After ~ all, Criss should have had a really an excellent reason no to invite a larger audience, specifically considering the greatness of the illusion. I typical … 4 spectators?

So, presuming those people were stooges, us still have actually a many things come explain. How did Criss make the entirety illusion the levitation for this reason convincing? some have suggested he can have provided some kind of a camera trick. While us shouldn’t just ascendancy out the possibility, there is one even easier explanation which needs no camera tricks. Actually it’s probably the very first explanation the levitation most people would think of: he to be on a wire!

While over there are plenty of ways in i beg your pardon this trick can be done, this seems to it is in the most logical explanation. Criss is many likely brought by a crane or miscellaneous similar. He is attached come it with very thin cables i beg your pardon are nearly invisible due to the glowing sky and also the very closely chosen camera angles. The cables room attached to a specially designed harness surprise somewhere on Criss. Notice he’s attract nothing yet black, thus making the harness impossible to notice.

Val Valentino, additionally known as the masked magician, perform his own version of this illusion making use of a crane. In the next video, he very first performs the trick and then expose the exact methods that used.

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Sidewalk levitation revealed


This is a variation of levitation Criss performs on a sidewalk. No wires required here, simply a fake leg and also some great old misdirection. Criss discover the an enig himself in the following video.