Well after ~ struggling with this part (the warehouse) for hours, i trawled through many YouTube vids just to uncover a comment which renders this component so easy.

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Just found a means to aid beat the level and also it worked. After beating all the mobsters outside, don"t go into the warehouse! acquire in her car and drive it into the water off the pier. Friend won"t die, you"ll spawn back to the surface. Climate the gate to the warehouse will be locked and also you deserve to climb the stairs causing the office and take that from there. It"s still difficult that method but a lot less complicated than entering the warehouse itself.


It"s perfect, friend can get in via the staircase and also pick off each the the opponents from the family member safety of the office.


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Posted about this here last month:



Not the there"s noþeles wrong with you posting the too. Just sayin".


yet on subject , ns just obtained my car and also drove i to the ago of the warehouse walk it appropriate away as soon as i did that (altho i died about 8 times prior to i used my car lol)


Driving the vehicle into the building is certainly the method to go. Because that some factor the enemies didn"t shoot in ~ me once I drove into the building. The just thing you"ll have to worry around is Derek cram the moltovs in ~ you. Sooo journey to the earlier run end the 2 waves of opponents that run at you, then get out of her car and slowly customs your method out native under whereby Derek is and pick off the critical 2 opponents from above. When you take care of the critical 2 of Derek"s henchmen, run up the stairs and just bust a cap in Derek. It"s as easy as pie. ^_^

Should really have spoiler alerted dude.


But yes drove car in remained under the canopy form thing, took the end all the idiots that ran at me.

Shot upstairs and also into the office made certain it was simply me and also the last guy left, and also just hammered a load of rounds right into him. Simples.

man, spoiler tags dude

however, i just did this one legit. Merely run within the building and directly to the back. Death the two males there, and lure the males from upstairs. In the finish Derek is alone

Not that i condone spoiling any component of a storyline, however is there in reality anyone that didn"t see this coming?

Apologies because that the spolier, I just named the subject what the objective in the mission was.


If a mod wants to amend it, by all means.

Well ~ struggling v this component (the warehouse) because that hours, i trawled through many YouTube vids just to discover a comment which renders this component so easy.




It"s perfect, friend can enter via the staircase and pick turn off each of the opponents from the loved one safety that the office.


Not that i condone spoiling any part of a storyline, yet is there actually anyone who didn"t see this coming?


I knew the he to be gonna have to die the very first cut scene with him although if you hadn"t got to that part or also started the video game yet it is a little bit of a spoiler. No biggy despite guys. Not choose that"s the finish of the game.

THANK friend i require to try this to be trying for prefer 2 hours and that C*&T through the molotovs keeps death me also though im not near the flames

Thx because that the reminder



I control to complete this part by driving inside the warehouse... Killing all the males downstairs, then it was simpler to end up shooting mobsters upstairs

i booked it come the earlier and some exactly how survived. Eliminated mobsters under stairs and also threw a grenade upstairs that simply happened to kill him? happy me i suppose?




First you need a spoiler sign dude as some haven"t excellent this however and likewise don"t placed the spoiler as the location thread not fair on others mate


but on subject , ns just acquired my car and drove i to the ago of the warehouse did it appropriate away as soon as i did the (altho ns died about 8 times prior to i offered my automobile lol)

Lol... I"m on thing 4, I acquire on below to check out if ns can find playboy magazine locations and also I obtain spoiled. That sucks.

I used my auto to journey all the way through the building, than death the 2 guys in the ago of the building right under the boss, attract the rather out and also kill Derek not hard either but this one is also better, didn"t know around that, thanks!

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