Some people call pigeons “rats that the sky.” and also for great reason: pigeons are dirty birds that carry condition and have the right to cause far-reaching damage to your residence or business.

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If you’re taking care of a pigeon problem, you’re probably at her wit’s end. Fortunately, our team is below to help.

Here at Smith’s pest Management, we specialize in providing bird manage services for commercial and residential client in the mountain Francisco just Area and main Coast. We’ve helped hundreds of residential or commercial property owners fix pigeon issues, and we know how to get rid of the birds quickly and humanely.

In this post, we’re share our height tips because that DIY bird control and also when to speak to a professional.

Let’s dive in.

Why are Pigeons a Problem?


If you have actually pigeons on her property, you have to act quickly. Pigeons can reason expensive damage to a building in a brief period.

In fact, the us Department the Agriculture’s Wildlife solutions branch considers pigeons the many serious bird pests for person habitations.

Here’s a sampling that the troubles pigeons can cause:

Slip and fall risk. Bird droppings are really slippery, which can make walkways, decks, porches, and other locations dangerous for foot traffic. This is problematic because that both residential and commercial properties.Corrosive damage to buildings. Pigeon feces is extremely acidic and can cause damage to buildings, siding, vegetation, and also landscaping.Blocked gutters and drainage. The visibility of pigeon swarms in gutters or downpipes can cause water backup, flooding, and also other damage.Fire risk. When pigeons develop nests the block chimneys or flues, it can lead to a major buildup of poisonous gases and also increased fire risk.

Pigeons give birth rapidly, generating a clutch that 1-3 chicks v an incubation duration of simply 18 days. If you have a pigeon problem on her property, it’s crucial to plot quickly. The much longer you wait, the more likely your property is to confront costly repair or irreversible damage.

How to eliminate Pigeons quickly & Humanely


Pigeons can be a very problematic pest. In addition to multiplying quickly and also driving out useful bird species, they deserve to be exceptionally an overwhelming to get rid of.

Fortunately, that is possible.

Here space a couple of of our height tips to get rid of pigeons naturally, no issue where they’re living.

How to eliminate Pigeons top top the Roof

Getting pigeons off your roof requires some creativity, specifically if your roof has actually pitches or eaves wherein the birds deserve to nest.

Here’s what us recommend:


Wondering just how to remove pigeons without hurting them? Deterrents choose wire coils, stainless steel wires, and also spikes space all low-profile enhancements that have the right to prevent birds from perching top top the roof.

For ideal results, download them on any flat surface ar where pigeons could land, including roof drip edges, flashing, and caps.

Pros: Easy to install, effective, non-lethal, low-profile

Cons: these solutions only deter pigeons native perching on specific surfaces, yet will not save them far from your residential property entirely 


Nylon bird netting have the right to be effective for roofs that have actually pitches and eaves that space attractive for pigeons.

Hung vertically follow me the siding that a building, bird netting stays clear of birds from perching top top the roof or surface ar of the building. Because that pigeon control, we recommend a 50mm (2”) gauge net.

Pros: Nylon netting blends in with a building’s siding for a essentially invisible appearance, non-lethal, efficient to stop roosting and also perching

Cons: Time-consuming come hang and also maintain

How to eliminate Pigeons top top the Balcony

Getting rid of pigeons in a little area choose a balcony is possible with a couple of proactive steps.

Here room our optimal tips:


Netting develops a physical boundary the excludes bird from your balcony. Once hung from the roof down to the political parties of the balcony, that seals the area turn off from additional pigeon intrusion.

Pros: Low-profile, won’t interfere v views, effective 

Cons: Time-consuming come hang and maintain


Wires, gel repellants, plastic birds of prey, and also pigeon spikes deserve to be offered to deter pigeons native perching on the railing of her balcony.

Additionally, deterrents like sound makers (we introduce wind chimes or specially designed, motion-activated sound devices) and also reflected light are great ways to save pigeons off her balcony.

Pros: Low-cost, basic to install

Cons: These services may shed their effectiveness over time and also will interfere with the appearance of her balcony

How to eliminate Pigeons in your Garden

The best means to keep pigeons the end of her garden is to recognize their high-traffic areas and then deal with them in a target fashion.

Here room a couple of tips we recommend:


Scarecrows space a kind of deterrent that can work as long as you incorporate movement. Consider including a scarecrow in the form of a hawk and also hang old CDs from the human body of the bird. The light and also movement will scare pigeons away together they involved roost.

Remember to move the scarecrow every couple of weeks to keep the pigeons guessing.

Pros: Easy to install, affordable, non-lethal, low-profile 

Cons: might decrease in performance over time, does not exclude pigeons or physically protect fruits and also vegetables


Bird netting along sheds, eaves, and rafters can protect your outbuildings from pigeons, and prevent castle from taking shelter near your garden.

Additionally, some people include bird netting over raised beds or roughly crops they want to protect.

Pros: Affordable, effective, prevents predation and roosting

Cons: Time-consuming to hang and also maintain, netting must develop a full seal roughly crops to be effective 

Pigeon-Proof Feeders

If you have actually bird feeders in her gardens, they may be attracting insect birds favor pigeons. To keep these birds away, invest in pigeon-proof bird feeders, which have a cage around the feeder designed to let little birds through but to stop pigeons in their tracks. Various other feeders space weight-sensitive and will dump more heavier birds and also pests – like pigeons and starlings – off.

Pros: Effective at excluding pigeons from feeders, will help reduce food resources for pigeons

Cons: will certainly not to exclude, or remove pigeons entirely

How to remove Pigeons in the Attic

If you have actually pigeons in her attic, us recommend trying this methods:


The first step to maintaining pigeons the end of your attic is to identify how they’re gaining in.

We introduce blocking turn off any feasible entrances, including vent openings and cracks in her soffits or eaves, v wire mesh. If possible, consider including a layer of nylon bird netting come cover your building’s siding.

Pros: Highly effective, affordable, non-lethal, non-toxic, minimal influence on building’s appearance

Cons: Labor-intensive, requires yearly upkeep


If you an alert feces and also feathers focused in a specific part of the attic, location deterrents choose wire coils, spikes, gel pads, or plastic owls in the eaves over it. This will deter pigeons native congregating there.

We recommend utilizing deterrents in the attic the you don’t have to move commonly (like spikes or cable coils) due to the fact that they space a better long-term solution.

Pros: Effective at discouraging pigeons from returning, affordable, easy to install, non-lethal

Cons: Will not remove pigeons, most reliable when offered in connect with exclusion methods

How to get rid of Pigeons in her Barn


Getting rid that pigeons in the barn involves using numerous of the very same tactics to eliminate pigeons on a roof or in the attic.

Here’s what we recommend:


Use wire mesh to block off every potential entrance points whereby pigeons might be accessing your barn. We likewise recommend hanging lengthy plastic strips in the entrance to her barn, under to the level of about a foot over the floor.

This will prevent pigeons from flying in yet will permit livestock, people, and machinery to relocate through freely.

Pros: Effective, affordable, non-lethal, for sure for livestock and pets

Cons: Labor-intensive, requires continuous maintenance


Spikes, stakes, gel deterrents, and also light and sound will all job-related to discourage pigeons from common roosting areas and keep castle from coming back.

Pros: reliable at staying clear of pigeons native returning, affordable, basic to install, non-lethal

Cons: Will not get rid of pigeons, most reliable when used in associate with exemption methods


Pigeons regularly roost in barns because barns provide easy accessibility to favourite food sources favor corn and also grain.

Practice good sanitation in her barn: secure your livestock feed in plastic tubs v locking lids or closed-off rooms and also remove any kind of existing resources of food the pigeons might be taking advantage of.

Keep trash and manure disposal sites away from the barn or outbuildings and also be certain to clean up any type of spilled grain or livestock feeding promptly.

Pros: Can be effective when supplied in conjunction with other methods, will also deter various other pests (such as rats and mice) from infesting your property

Cons: Labor-intensive, will certainly not eliminate pigeons

How to get rid of Pigeons in your Warehouse

Many of the exact same tricks that occupational to acquire pigeons the end of barns and also off roofs will job-related to save them the end of warehouses.

Here’s what us recommend:


In enhancement to patching every cracks, gaps, and vents pigeons can use to get into her warehouse, we recommend considering alternative door options, prefer plastic strips, that will save pigeons from paris in. Nylon bird netting can likewise be effective for part warehouses.

Pros: Effective, affordable, short impact, will certainly not interfere v the function of her warehouse

Cons: Labor-intensive to install, calls for upkeep


Scare gadgets like flashing lights and motion-activated noise deterrents room highly reliable at keeping pigeons the end of warehouses. Pair these tools with various other deterrents like gel strips or spikes and also place castle in locations the pigeons favor to frequent.

Pros: Effective, specifically when an unified with exclusion methods, affordable, easy to install

Cons: Works best in associate with various other methods

How to get rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Because pigeons love the shelter and also security solar panel systems offer, obtaining rid of pigeons under solar panels can it is in complex.

We recommend the following:


Netting provides it impossible for the pigeons to access the dashboard system and also can defend your entire selection from bird infestation.

Pros: thin nylon netting will certainly not influence the figure of her panels, non-lethal, reliable to avoid roosting, perching, and also damage to dashboard components

Cons: Time-consuming to hang and maintain


Deterrents choose roof spikes, plastic predators (we recommend models with swivel heads since they produce movement), and also light and sound gadgets are tried-and-true methods for keeping pigeons indigenous interfering v panels.

Place them in high-traffic locations to protect against pigeons from setup up shop.

Pros: efficient at discouraging pigeons, affordable, basic to install, non-lethal

Cons: Will not eliminate pigeons, most effective when provided in associate with exclusion methods

Sanitation & dashboard Repair

Remove all evident sources of food the pigeons may be eating. Clean up and store pet food, invest in pigeon-proof bird feeders, and also keep trash in strictly locked containers.

While this won’t remove pigeons from your solar panels, it will certainly make the area much less attractive for them.

Additionally, be sure to keep your solar panels. Pigeons are an ext likely to roost in panels that are broken or compromised. Save your panels in great repair and also have them resolved if they present signs of wear.

Pros: Effective, straightforward to do, avoids other insect species 

Cons: go not remove existing pigeons

Does Rice death Pigeons?

Many people think that feeding rice to pigeons will kill them. Follow to popular myth, uncooked rice expands inside a bird’s stomach, death them rapidly.

Here’s the truth, though:

Rice does not harm pigeons.

In fact, pigeons consume grain just like any kind of other pest and will check out rice together a potential food source. V this in mind, we strongly advise preventing rice or poison as a DIY pigeon regulate method.

How carry out Pest control Experts get rid of Pigeons?


If her DIY techniques haven’t been reliable to eliminate pigeons, or you merely want a stronger approach, that time to call a bird manage expert.

We understand pigeon regulate can it is in a complex job, so we follow a proven mechanism to get these bird off your property.

Here’s what you have the right to expect once you work-related with us:

Bird Netting

As we’ve outlined in the tips above, bird netting is just one of the most efficient ways to keep pigeons and other bird from roosting ~ above your home or around your buildings.

Our team take away an advanced approach come bird netting – put heavy-duty, impenetrable nylon mesh securely roughly the areas you want to protect.

If you currently have birds inside your building, netting will permit them to paris out, but not come return. This resolves even the most severe pigeon problems quickly, completely, and humanely.

Bird Spikes

We discourage lethal means of pigeon removal. Instead, our team uses bird spikes (often in conjunction with various other methods, such together netting) to discourage birds from roosting on your home, roof, or outbuildings.

The spikes attach to her structure and make the uncomfortable or difficult for birds to soil in the area. While the spikes will not damage a bird that encounters them, they do reason enough discomfort to discourage the bird from returning.

Bird Deterrents

If the pigeon problem persists, our team deserve to use among a an option of bird deterrents to store pigeons off her property. We’ll occupational with friend to take it a collaborative approach to bird removal, and also ensure we’re deploying the most reliable solution for her property and also needs.

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Dealing v a Pigeon trouble at Your mountain Francisco only Area residence or Business? We’re here to Help!Pigeons have the right to be a difficult pest to get rid of, but you don’t need to live with them forever. Below at Smith’s pest Management, ours team help residential and commercial client in north California – indigenous Marin come Monterey – attend to their pigeon difficulties once and for all.