Notice to all brand-new readers: Girls, start with His mystery Obsession

Guys, you require The Obsession Method. Good luck :-)

I love hugging mine girlfriend.

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I love the smell of she intoxicating perfume, her soft soft skin, her shiny hair and also of course, her huge boobs (size 44 bra dimension btw).

I gambling you love hugging her girlfriend too!

But I’m sure both the us could improve our “hugging game”, so below are my top tips come hug a girl - no matter just how hot!

Lastly, here"s a quote from chapter 2: "Setting her on fire - cracking the code of the mrs mind",from Sebastian Harris"s dating overview (link to his full book):

Have you ever before been top top a date with a girl that licked she lips if looking at you? that’s a window of opportunity. She screaming, “Kiss me!” in ~ you. Periodically it’s subtler: She come closer and smiles at you, or she touches your arm and leans in. Or, my all-time favorite: The “Sooo…” invitation. Anytime a girl fills a moment of silence v “Sooo…” she’s waiting for girlfriend to do a move. If she says it appropriate after hugging you, you need to turn her head and kiss her. Yet you don’t do it, due to the fact that you’re paralyzed. It’s no fear, it’s worse. Friend overthink the situation. Girlfriend think around the perfect moment. Friend worry about whether or no she also wants to kiss you. Let me tell girlfriend something: If a woman shows up in high heels and a chop dress, she doesn’t desire to pat Scrabble. She wants to kiss you.

I"m sure you noticed he"s mentioning kissing, however the rules for hugging space basically the same: walk for the if you watch that she desires you!

(By the way, his publication will totally assist you, I have friends that still check out it come this day.)

But what are your best times to hug your girl? leave them in the comments!

“But I want to hug at any time I want - God damn it!”

OK, OK, I gain it!

But as a beginner in your “hugging career” you’ll advantage from these collection times together you will stop unnecessary objections and you’ll hesitate much less (appearing 10 times much more confident).

Then, obviously, once you end up being a pro, you will do it hug whenever friend feel the time is right.

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2. Exactly how to hug a girl properly

Oh’ for this reason you desire all mine hugging secrets?! just how dare you!

Well ns a quite guy™ so below are my advice exclusive to

3. Hug her with the ideal energy

I was a finish disaster as soon as I (-Colt Smith) very first started draw close girls, do the efforts to acquire dates and also hugging.