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You only can get that gun when you play zombies, just discover the mystery box you"ll need to pay to usage it. The gun is rare so don"t mean to get it when you usage the mystery box the an initial time.

Put one shock charge on eachblue circle on crane in cargo then use black cap on both big blue panels in house and also blamthundergun
clock "BLACK OPS 2: just how TO obtain THE THUNDERGUN (WORLD"S F…" ~ above YouTubeBLACK OPS 2: how TO gain THE THUNDERGUN (WORLD"S F…:

Their is a spinoff the the Thundergun,It"s called the Jet Gun.You need to build the jet gun,it"s also only accessible in TranZit ~ above zombies.If you want to know how to build the jet gun,search youtube.

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Get all Intel Locations and also complete the single player objectives with our substantial unofficial guide to CoD: black Ops 2.

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