2 Answers. Go gain the 5 badge and go to the gym of 5 bade and beside that there to be a house. Go within the house and also find wally’s dad and he will offer you HM2 thats the surf.

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Where is dive in Emerald?

Go to the space station in the northeast corner of the island, where you will need to defeat Team Magma. Walk to Steven’s house, in the northwest corner of the city, and also he will provide you HM08 Dive.

How do I get the 4th badge in Pokemon Emerald?


You uncover the Gym Leader Flannery in the Lavaridge Gym. Dude it’s simple. You need to step top top the water spouts in a details order to acquire to her. In Lavaridge town. You need to go come the cable vehicle up Mt. You can find the 4th badge in Petalburg City.

What Pokemon have the right to use surf in Emerald?

There are numerous Pokemon that can learn Surf and also Fly simultaneously. Wingull and its advancement are may be to, however my favorite is Latias.

How perform you get earlier to Petalburg city in Pokemon Emerald?

The quickest route back is acquisition the southern exit of the desert and going west once you reach Mauville City. When in Verandurf, take Rusturf Tunnel earlier to Rustboro. Go southern through Petalburg Woods and ago east to make it come Petalburg. Go into the gym once you’re ready.

What is the fourth badge in Emerald?

Heat BadgeThe Gym Leader is Flannery. Trainers that defeat her get the warm Badge….Lavaridge Gym.

Lavaridge Gym フエンジム Huen Gym
BadgeHeat Badge
Dominant TypeFire

Where carry out you get dive in Pokemon Emerald?

Whenever you see a dark job of water, use Surf come go near it and then usage Dive. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, friend can acquire HM08 (Dive) native Steven appropriate away, however it’s various in Pokémon Emerald. Go to Mossdeep City. Mossdeep City is on an island follow me the eastern edge the Hoenn, near Shoal Cave, on route 125. Loss the gym leader.

Where execute you gain surf in Pokemon Emerald?

Surf is the game-changing relocate for Pokemon RSE, both battlewise and free-roam-wise. Because that that, you should beat the gym in Lavaridge town and then go to Petalburg city and also fight your “Dad” aka Norman their because he claimed he would battle you ~ you earn 4 badges. After friend beat her dad, Wally’s dad will certainly take you to his house and also give you surf.

Where do you walk to obtain waterfall in Pokemon Emerald?

Leave Pacifidlog to the east on route 131. Surf to the north end of course 131. Get in the sky Pillar. Wallace will certainly appear and say the he’s unlocked the door come the skies Pillar. Make your means up the sky Pillar. You’ll must use her Mach bicycle to overcome the cracked sections of the floor.

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What space the various moves in Pokemon Emerald?

Different Pokémon have different moves. One such relocate is Dive. Dive have the right to be offered if you have Surf. Whenever you watch a dark job of water, usage Surf come go near it and also then usage Dive. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, friend can obtain HM08 (Dive) from Steven right away, however it’s various in Pokémon Emerald.

Leave Pacifidlog to the east on course 131. Surf come the north end of path 131. Enter the sky Pillar. Wallace will appear and say that he’s unlocked the door to the sky Pillar. Do your means up the skies Pillar. You’ll must use her Mach cycle to cross the cracked sections of the floor.

Who are the just Pokemon that deserve to swim in water?

Trivia 1 Anorith and also Armaldo space the only Pokémon with the ability Swift Swim that are additionally weak to Water. 2 Swift swim is the many common ability among all Pokémon, through a total of 42 Pokémon share this ability. An ext

When carry out Pokemon get advantage of Swift Swim?

If the Pokémon has actually a speed bonus, only the very first move will obtain the benefit of Swift Swim. If the special relocate is component of a attached move, all moves in the attach are performed before they room done the 2nd time.

Where do you usage fly in Pokemon Emerald?

Use fly to head back to Sootopolis City. You can do this as shortly as you departure the Seafloor Cavern after Kyogre and also Groudon room awakened. You’ll check out the 2 Legendary Pokémon fighting in Sootopolis City, resulting in the major weather changes. Talk to Steven in Sootopolis.