Hey there folks. Having a sleepover, lost a bet or game, offering someone else a wedgie, or simply sindicate prefer wedgies? Well this is the quiz for you. Have fun.

Ready to find out what wedgie you’re going to obtain or give? Whether you are or not it’s time to gain began. Hope you enjoy my quiz. And I hope you reap getting wedgied. :)

Created by: Wedgie dude

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Do you choose wedgies Hell yah Hell no Sort of Only if I’m acquiring them Only if I’m offering themWhy are you taking this quiz I’m through friends and also we’re all taking it I must figure out a wedgie to provide to someone I shed a bet/game I just like wedgiesWhat wedgie do you choose to give? Hanging Atomic Jock lock Typical Melvin(frontal) I don’t choose to offer wedgies I’m as well busy being wedged to offer themWhat wedgie perform you favor to get? Hanging Atomic Jock lock Typical Melvin I don’t choose getting wedgies Me obtaining wedgied? Ha!Have you ever before offered yourself a wedgie? All the time Once A few times NeverWould you give yourself an wedgie and if you have prior to would certainly you carry out it again? Yes. I loved it Yeah I’d attempt it No I hated it NoWhat underwear do you wear? Briefs Tighty whities(white briefs) Boxer briefs/trunks Boxers Jockstrap OtherHow often perform you get wedgies? All the moment Everyday Every other day Weekly Monthly Randomly NeverAre you looking forward to your wedgie? Yes! No No and the person who wedgies me is going to payWill you article your story? Yes Maybe NoWhat wedgie are you hoping for? Atomic Hanging Jock lock Regular Melvin Wedgiers choose Wedgie slaveNow it’s time for your wedgie. Hope you appreciated my guitar. Have a good one. :) YAY! WEDGIE TIME! Ok let’s get this over with No I don’t want to get wedgied K

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Quiz topic: What wedgie will I get

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