February 3, 2021

So, the out skating rink in your ar just reopened (with social distancing, that course). You’ve to be cooped up and looking because that something fun and also safe come do. Skating outdoors fits the bill. You’re ready. Girlfriend even arrangement to comb her hair and put ~ above something as well as pajama bottoms! However, there’s a problem. Her old skates look at awful. You can polish the animal leather uppers, however what about the blades? They’re dirty, tarnished, and even have a few rust spots. You’re no sure just how to clean ice skates. The an excellent news is we’re sure. We know just how to clean ice skate blades!


How to Clean ice cream Skates 

Historically, ice skate chisels have been made from tempered carbon steel and then coated with chrome. In recent years lightweight aluminum and also stainless-steel blades have gained popularity.

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Cleaning Chrome Blades

What You’ll Need 

Nonabrasive sponge or clothA little container of waterSoft dried sloth

How to Clean her Chrome Blades 

Dampen your sponge or cloth, and also then shake a little Bar Keeper’s girlfriend onto it. Obstacle it to develop a paste.Scrub the knives in small circular motions. You’ll notice your rag acquiring a brownish-red build-up from the grime and rust, periodically rinse the rag and also add much more powder to paste.If you discover that several of the rust clues aren’t coming turn off with just the cloth and also Bar keepers friend. A soft-bristled toothbrush may help for hard spots.When it’s every clean, wipe the knives down v a wet cloth and also then polish with a soft dry fabric such together microfiber.

How to Clean Stainless-Steel Blades 


The answer because that cleaning stainless-steel ice-skating knives is easy! just use Bar Keepers girlfriend Stainless steel Cleaner & Polish Unlike many other products on the market, this product doesn’t have any harsh abrasives. BKF Stainless stole cleaner is specifically formulated come clean stainless steel without scratching or dulling surfaces.

Shake the product because that a few secondsSpray the bladesLet it sit for around one minuteWipe the blade through a nonabrasive towel or paper towelDry and polish v a microfiber cloth

How come Clean Aluminum Blades 

For aluminum blades, you have the right to use the original powdered Cleanser or our Cookware Cleanser & Polish. That’s right, Cookware cleanser! This product was emerged for aluminum pots and pans and also works good on all things aluminum – even your ice skate blades.

Wet the bladesSprinkle a little bit of Cookware Cleanser & polishing on both blades, both sidesGently rub the edges through a wet cloth or spongeRinse within one minute that applicationWipe the chisels dry and also watch castle shine up!  

Pro Tip: Whether her skates space chrome, stainless steel, or aluminum, prior to you clean the blades, test a little spot.

Don’t just Take our Word because that it

Rust removal picture from skatingforums.com.

“Because of a recent thread, I came to be curious around which typical household product might do the best job removing rust indigenous blades. I tried 3 nonabrasive commodities – Lime-A-Way, Bar keepers Friend, and also Naval Jelly. There was one clean winner – Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Bar Keeper’s friend was applied using a damp Q-Tip come which the powder to be applied. I did around a minute that vigorous rubbing ~ above a pair of rust spots. Also the spot that remained after making use of Lime-A-Way to be subsequently enhanced by making use of Bar Keeper’s Friend. That took treatment of new spots quickly too and also left the ideal finish.” — Skating Forums

Good Times and Clean Skates

Doesn’t ice cream skating sound fun? and it’s even more fun as soon as you clean those old chisels with BKF. I can snapshot them cram light across the rink prefer a mirror recording the sun. Have fun. Stay safe.

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