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First girlfriend will have to go come Saffron City and talk to the Copycat and ask for she Poke Doll back. Friend then can go come Vermilion City and also talk come the man sitting on the sofa v a Clefairy, within the Pokemon pan Club, the will provide you the bag Doll. Then you deserve to go back to the Copycat and also give the punctured Doll back to her.
When you action out next of the Copycat"s House, Steven - the Champion of Hoenn, will talk come you about Latias and Latios, they currently will end up being Roaming Pokemon. Latios deserve to be caught in SoulSilver and also Latias deserve to be caught in HeartGold.
Roaming Pokemon will repetitively jump approximately the map to different route every time you; encounter a Pokemon, hit a trainer, go into a new route, go into a building, etc. For this reason the best way of capturing a Roaming Pokemon is to share up top top Repels, and also go to a route where over there is a job of grass close to the route entrance or building. Spray a repel and also have a Pokemon i m sorry is greater than the arbitrarily Pokemon but lower than 40 therefore you can encounter Entei and also Raikou. This can take a while.
Latias is among the Eon Pokemon, it is a Dragon/Psychic Type. It is weak come Bug, Dark, Ice, Ghost & Dragon. It has actually 4 moves; Water Sport, Refresh, Mist round & Zen Headbutt. Its signature move, Mist Ball, is a powerful Psychic-Type Attack, which also lowers the opponents"s one-of-a-kind Attack.

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Latios is just one of the Eon Pokemon, the is a Dragon/Psychic Type.It is weak come Bug, Dark, Ice, Ghost & Dragon. It has actually 4 moves; Protect, Refresh, Luster Purge & Zen Headbutt. The signature move, Luster Purge, is a powerful Psychic-Type Attack, which also lowers the opponent"s special Defence.
Latias & Latios

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