Benefits_________- 5,000 gold points every month.- totally free Weemee gift every month.- No banner ads.- No video ads.- 1 extra free room.- Extra trophies and also rewards.- Exclusive item for her Weemee.- access to VIP-only chat areas.- interactive backgrounds.

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How to end up being a VIP____________________Roll over her gold points and click on "Upgrade to VIP".** You need to buy the VIP membership with real money **** You can use your own Credit map or Paypal acc, or ask your parents come buy it for you **There"s 3 various packages ..- 12 month parcel : $40 payment, * 4 per monthThis package is a one time payment. Her VIP parcel will begin the job you purchase and also will end 1 year later.You will obtain your gold points monthly.- 6 month parcel : $30 payment, * 5 every monthThis package is a one time payment. You will certainly be a VIP for 6 months starting the work you purchase it, ending 6 months later.Weeworld yellow points will certainly be obtained monthly.- 1 month package : $ 6 payment, automatically renewsPayment options: Paypal, credit card, BOKU mobileThis package will automatically renew and also charge you every month, $6 , till you publication it.You will certainly be a VIP for 1 month, and after your term is up, you will be fee again for the next month uneven you cancel your membership.How come cancel your 1 Month VIP_____________________________Go to your settings.Click ~ above "VIP status".Then click "Cancel your subscription".** her subscription will be canceled and you will certainly not be fee again **** You will certainly still be a VIP till your 1 month hatchet is up. And also you can always check to see as soon as your VIP expires.**How to gain a VIP interaction background___________________________________When you space a VIP girlfriend get accessibility to unique interactive backgrounds. This backgrounds relocate around!On your homepage click on "Choose background".Click on any type of background that you wish to have.Click ~ above "Save".Can I gain VIP for free?____________________Honestly, yes. The ONLY means you have the right to get totally free VIP playing tasks or participating in a Weeworld contest. Messages the you get on your page saying the you can get complimentary VIP through going come a link. They space scams, and most most likely hxck you. Also, VIP generators perform not occupational as well.VIP guest passes give you a VIP membership because that a short amount the time. VIP"s top top a guest happen don"t have full accessibility to all of the VIP benefits.

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Usually, a VIP guest pass lasts 3 days.You deserve to win a VIP guest pass in "Jobs" by rotate the prize wheel. Sometimes Weeworld hosts contests wherein they give away guest passes together well.When you have a VIP guest pass you execute not get 5,000 gold points prefer a full VIP member gets.VIP guest pass benefits:- Exclusive items for your Weemee- Extra trophies and rewards.- interaction backgrounds.