Buneary has returned in Pokemon Sword and also Pokemon Shield"s recent DLC, however some players may be unsure on how to evolve this stubborn Pokemon.

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Pokemon Lopunny main Art
While initially unavailable to football player in Pokemon Sword and also Pokemon Shield, Buneary and also its evolution, Lopunny, have returned come the Pokedex in the "Isle that Armor" DLC. These hare Pokemon were presented in Pokemon Diamond and also Pokemon Pearl with a tricky an approach to create evolution.

Buneary and Lopunny space both pure normal-types and are capable of learning a range of moves of numerous different types. Their cute looks and also their pink shiny creates make castle perfect for trainers wanting both tough and cute Pokemon to to fill their rosters in Pokemon Sword and also Pokemon Shield.

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Like countless Pokemon v tricky advancement conditions, Buneary doesn"t evolve ~ above a certain level. Instead, there are hidden problems that are needed beforehand in stimulate to acquire this fluffy rabbit to prosper up.

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Pokemon Buneary main Art
Buneary"s condition to evolve is through a surprise stat well-known as friendship. Many other Pokemon have friendship evolutions such together Golbat, Pichu, Riolu, and also Snom. However, what provides Buneary distinctive is in how its basic friendship ~ above being captured or received is 0.

most Pokemon begin off with the basic friendship of 70 or higher. Since friendship evolutions need Pokemon to level up with a high quantity of friendship, this can make evolving Buneary a bit more of a an obstacle compared to various other Pokemon that evolve through friendship.

Luckily for players, there space plenty of ways to boost friendship v their Pokemon. The easiest way of course is through just keeping it in your party. Just walking around is enough to start raising friendship. Fainting and using herbal medicine on Pokemon will decrease friendship however.

There room a few items that can help increase friendship as well. Having actually a Pokemon hold a soothing bell or catching the Pokemon in a luxury ball will carry out even more friendship returns throughout players" Pokemon journeys.

after ~ Buneary has actually acquired sufficient friendship, they will evolve ~ a level up. If the Buneary reaches level 100 without evolving, it deserve to never end up being a Lopunny, but the odds that a Buneary reaching level 100 there is no getting enough friendship to evolve is very low also without friendship enhancing items.

once evolved, it is an extremely highly recommended to teach Lopunny the relocate Return due to it becoming an ext powerful with greater friendship values.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are accessible now specifically for the Nintendo Switch.