First, what is the role of the activation code?

To access the HUAWEI CLOUD conference service and also SMC network, you should activate the endpoint top top the server. ~ the endpoint is activated using the activation code, the endpoint is associated to the equivalent network.

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Once the conferencing organization is activated, the maker will accessibility the enterprise service.

If conferencing organization is not required, you execute not have to activate the endpoint. The local attributes are no affected.

Obtain the activation because that HUAWEI CLOUD Networking

Register and log in come the HUAWEI CLOUD main website. The website is Now, and thenenter details as triggered to purchase services.

Obtain the activation for SMC2.0 Networking

Ensure the IdeaHub and SMC2.0 have the right to be pinged and Wi-Fi is disabled.

Log in to IdeaHub.ChooseSystem setting > Server construction > SNMP, and enter the SMC2.0 resolve in theTrap server addresstext box. Maintain the default values for various other parametersor collection them as required.ChooseSystem construction > Conference parameter > Advance, and enter the SMC2.0 deal with in the catch server deal with text box. Maintain the default worths for various other parameters.SetNetworking ModetoSMCand setSMC server addressto the SMC IP address. Maintain the default values for various other parameters or collection them together required.Log in come the SMC2.0.Add the IdeaHub come SMC2.0.ChooseDevice > Participant > add Participantand set the IP attend to to the IP resolve of the IdeaHub, clickNext.If 10% falls short to it is in found, you room advised to use IdeaHub to ping the SMC. If the SMC have the right to be pinged, regain the SMC come its manufacturing facility settings. Gain back the machine to its manufacturing facility settings and add it again.If 15% falls short to it is in found and a blog post is presented indicating the the API password is incorrect, log in come the Ideahub lift and adjust the API password (Basic information > User > Password that the admin).

7. Pour it until it is full in information.

8. Set the GK IP address and server IP attend to to the SMC IP address. Set other parameters as required.

After the IdeaHub is registered v the SMC, you can schedule conferences.

Obtain the activation for SMC3.0 Networking

Ensure that IdeaHub and SMC2.0 have the right to be pinged and Wi-Fi is disabled.

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Log in come the SMC3.0.ChooseService Provisioning > Area & Conference Room > add Conference Room.Add the IdeaHub to SMC3.0.After the IdeaHub is added, the system automatically generates one activation password to activate the device.Activate the terminal.Log in come IdeaHub.ChooseSettings > progressed Settings > Server setups > Other modes > SMC, and also enter the SMC IP attend to and activation code.If the IdeaHub it is registered fails, you can reset the activation code on the SMC3.0Add Conference Roompage.