The Megashark is a powerful upgrade come the Minishark which deserve to be derived as quickly as the Destroyer is defeated. It"s an outstanding gun and can lug a player all the way to right prior to Moon mr if linked with Ichor.

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If you use ranged tools in Terraria, friend will have actually undoubtedly come across a gun called the Minishark. It"s the optimal of the base ide of ranged weaponry, fast shooting and also no looking back. But it"s very weak compared to other guns, particularly in Hardmode. For this reason it"s time to give it one upgrade. It"s time to do the mini a mega.

Crafting the Megashark


The Megashark is a Hardmode update to the Minishark therefore you’ll very first need to acquire your hands on that. Obtaining a Minishark will certainly take a small bit that work. It"s bought native the arms Dealer NPC beforehand on yet costs 35 yellow Coins i beg your pardon is a tall order for pre-Hardmode. Waiting until Hardmode come buy it will certainly be simpler as Hardmode adversaries drop far more money.

Next we have to make this Minishark much more shark-y. This way we need to collect 5 Shark Fins. These are uncovered by killing Sharks in the s biome. They’re reasonably rare however not too lot so you must have 5 pretty quickly.


Of course, a pistol this an excellent has to be illegal, definition you’ll must buy some Illegal Gun components off the eight Dealer NPC. He only stocks them in ~ night to keep things quiet so offer him a midnight visit come grab this parts.

Finally, we need the item the really provides this mega. Souls of Might. This are difficult to get and drop from the Destroyer boss which can be summoned using a mechanical Worm. It"s a difficult fight but if you have actually a piercing weapon it will be made lot easier.

Once it"s all collected, take your Minishark, 5 Shark Fins, 1 Illegal gun Parts, and also 20 Souls of can to a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil and also craft her Megashark.

Using the Megashark


Now the you have your nautical firearm, you need to use that well. Due to its high fire rate and also incredible accuracy, the Megashark deserve to be used effectively with any bullet form so pick your favorite. And also don"t worry about running out either together it has actually a 50% chance to not consume ammo as soon as firing.


With an excellent armor and Ichor bullets, which reduce foe defences, the Megashark have the right to take you every the way up to the Martian Madness event with small difficulty.

Video Tutorial


What is the finest armor come use with the Megashark?

The Megashark works well through high damages bullets since it has a moderate base damage contrasted to various other guns. Though it does additionally work well with Crystal Bullets, v the many projectiles consisting of for the low damage.

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What is the easiest way to death the Destroyer?

There’s a couple of strategies but the finest one requires the at sight Star Shooter gun and its ideal shown rather than told.