Bruce Lee – the LEGEND! We assumed it would be fun to do some study into how Bruce trained, ate and lived, so we might get a far better understanding of how he produced his physical results. This video is the unraveling of claimed research. Hopefully it helps you not only obtain that Bruce Lee physique, but additionally find more zen and also happiness in her life!

The adhering to transcript listed below is indigenous the video “How To get A Body prefer Bruce Lee” by Jump Rope Dudes.

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 “What’s up my ninjas? You’ll probably notification like what occurred here? You were somewhere else and also now you’re here, and there’s a skylight in front of me. It’s due to the fact that in in between these two videos, us went indigenous Hawaii to Texas. So right here I am to end up the Bruce Lee body breakdown. An initial things first. I acquired this pretty snazzy mic here that I’m going come be talking to friend today. Don’t worry about the mic. Just listen to what I’m talk about.

So why execute we pick Bruce Lee to execute a human body breakdown? Well, he’s the epitome of a Zen dude. Alright and if there was a girl variation of Bruce Lee, that would certainly be the summary of a Zen dudette. He’s lean. He’s an effective and he’s also got the attitude to match. Girlfriend see, what he’s done is created an remarkable physique by utilizing the strength of his body and mind. We’re walking to get into the today. Body-wise, we’re really going to emphasis on exactly how do you create the leanness?

So, how do you develop that six-pack you’ve seen from him? Also, how do you produce that tough chiseled look at he had through his chest, his arms and also throughout his totality body? ours goal now with breaking down Bruce Lee’s human body is to teach you how to develop a lean and an effective looking physique however without the bulkiness, right. We’re not looking for a big puffy body. We’re searching for a lean, tough ninja physique.”

“First points first. Let’s talk about the Bruce Lee diet. This guy was an extremely Buddhist in his philosophy, right. He always talked around how you have to consume simply to the right amount that food for you as with we talk about here in ~ Zen Dude Fitness. As soon as he talked around this, it to be a tiny bit vague, right? He was like, “Don’t eat too much. Don’t eat also little. Eat the best amount for her body,” which provides perfect sense yet we’re going to walk a tiny farther here by offering you with a calorie and also macro-nutrient calculator that’s walking to take it you through a tutorial to teach you exactly how lot to eat.

So we’re walk to gain into that right now. Alright, my future ninjas. Let’s talk around how to calculate the ideal amount the food for her body. Therefore you’re going to walk to the attach in the summary below. It’s attached up and it has actually our calculator. Therefore it’s this calculator. Simply click that link and also I’ll open up this for calculator right here in her browser. Once you come here, we can obtain started.

So I’m going to i think you’re below now and also you watch the calculator and really what this is walk to execute is tell you how much food you have to be eat for her body every single day. It’s not an exact science when you acquire started but it is a great place come start. So, you’re walk to execute what I’m law here. So, go into age. I’m 26. I’m male. Of course, enter these numbers for yourself. I’m 190 pounds. I’m 74 inch tall. I’m highly active.

If you’re sedentary, that way you’re no really working out at all. Irradiate activity method one to 3 times a week. Moderate activity method more favor three come five. High activity six come seven. For this reason I’m six to seven and also I’m going to tell you that you most likely don’t want to click shed weight uneven you are already really, yes, really super lean and you can’t afford to lose any type of weight. Most of united state want to obtain leaner if you want to look prefer Bruce Lee.

So, you desire to click Lose, calculation macros and then if you’re a man, you’re going to click High under here. You’re walking to calculation again. If you’re a woman, you’re going to click Medium and leave the there. Okay but if you’re a man, you want to High protein. So you’ll watch the protein changes on here. Therefore you’re walking to take these numbers. So here are your calorie numbers. Right here your numbers for carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

These room the numbers you’re going to try to eat every day. So, the method you’re going to shot to hit this numbers is by going come the site like They also have a cell phone app, and we’re walking to put in everything you eat every day. Your goal is to play this game where her numbers include up to complement the numbers the calculator provided you, and that’s it. Ns know people want to make it an ext simple. Don’t worry about having to eat the perfect foods and also all that other stuff that comes with you know trying to focus on her diet.

Really just need to emphasis on hitting these numbers by adding them up in MyFitnessPal every day together you eat, and you’re going come be an excellent to go. You’re walking to gain leaner and also leaner till you look prefer Bruce Lee. If you require to obtain a tiny muscle, you can constantly recalculate choose clicking Gain and doing that as lengthy as that takes to placed on the muscle. Climate you have the right to lean increase again by recalculating her numbers through hitting Lose. That’s it. Let’s get back to the rest of the tutorial.

Now, the reason you’re going to be eating the quantity of food that you just calculated is because it’s going to aid you produce the physique that he had. Now, if you’re eating a slight calorie deficit like we simply suggested? You’re going to continually obtaining leaner and leaner and leaner until you start to look choose our boy Bruce. Not just are girlfriend going to obtain the physique however you’re also going to notification that it’s going come be less complicated to acquire into flow.

You’re simply going to feel much better as well when you’re eating the best amount the food for her body. I went pretty thorough with Bruce Lee and research approximately his regimen. For this reason what I uncovered out was this man didn’t really like dairy. He was like, “You know, I’m no trying come eat infant cow milk.” when in awhile, that did consume dairy and also at those time it was in his protein shake. That was well-known for creating an extremely nutrient-dense protein shakes where we’d have actually the whey protein powder v vegetables and fruits all mixed together to produce a micro and macro nutrient fiesta.

At the end of the day, we’re constantly going come tell you males the most necessary thing is the full amount the food that you’re eating and also Bruce Lee walk agree however he had a meal frequency that I’m going to cite to you now. So what the did was eat 3 to 4 meals a day and he focused on gaining a good distribution of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. That’s why he to be all about getting those protein shakes in, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and also other healthy fats favor nuts.

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You don’t have to eat 3 to 4 times a day. You might eat one to 2 times a day. It’s not really that important but I do want to cite what that did specifically. Last thing about Bruce Lee’s diet regimen, this guy thought in everything in moderation consisting of moderation. Therefore he was known to eat a little MacD’s, a small McDonald’s, a little McDizzle native time to time just due to the fact that he knew the wasn’t sustainable to just eat “healthy foods” every the time, right.

He knew the he had actually to offer himself the latitude come eat foodstuffs that he yes, really enjoyed and also for that man, once in awhile that was McDonald’s. Because that you, i don’t know, probably burger and also fries. Girlfriend pick.”

3.Supplement her diet when important with nutrient-dense whey protein shakes with blended vegetables & fruit

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