Is the inground pool action gasket leaking?Is the pool step cracked?Is the action crack the an outcome of a void?

A step gasket"s adaptability becomes compromised over time in a chlorinated environment. The plasticizers have the right to migrate indigenous the vinyl liner or the gasket, making the material brittle and causing a crack to appear. And if the inground swimming pool step has been leaking because that a period of time, the fill material which was originally there come stabilize the step have the right to wash away, developing a void and also weakening the action area.

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The ideal product because that the job is determined by the degree of the problem. Countless leaks and cracks can be addressed underwater without draining the pool. However, occasionally the ideal solution is derived by lowering the water level listed below the repair area. For technological advice on choosing the finest product(s) for your instance give united state a call at 714-961-1420 Ext 1.

AquaBond Underwater swim Pool action Repair Products:

These AquaBond assets can it is in mixed, applied and also cured underwater - there is no draining the pool!

Underwater fix Adhesive is a super versatile two-part, hybrid epoxy. The our best underwater structural repair compound, transferring a clean finish and long-lasting results. It"s a extremely durable, cost-effective systems versus instead of a leaking action gasket in one inground pool.

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant can it is in used easily on nearly any material and works exceptionally well as a sealant for action gasket or crack repair. Ours patent-pending polyethylene movie application process provides lull of application together with the added advantage of second layer that protection.

Apply this AquaBond Pool step Repair commodities to dried Surfaces:

The following assets must be applied dry

Polyurethane Foam cracked Injection Kit permanently repairs leaking cracks and also voids in inground pool steps. It"s used in connect with various other AquaBond products. The white polyurethane foam in this low-pressure injection kit expands to 25 time its initial volume. Once cured, this permanent, waterproof resin maintains that volume and also flexibility and also is not topic to shrinkage, also through typical ground movement and thermal cycles.

Structural fix Adhesive SRX is really strong, fast-setting, two-part acrylic adhesive with included flexibility. It offers the high structural adhesion to dissimilar substrates important for permanent inground pool action repair... Adhering the rubberized gaskets, the vinyl liner and also the acrylic swimming pool step. Our fastest curing product, the hardens in 5 minutes and also requires small surface preparation.

Waterproof Permanent gap & Seam Filler is a expert pool and spa sealant especially engineered to occupational like silicone caulk however with the added advantage of irreversible flexibility! If the swimming pool is drained listed below the action level, this is the most economical fix.

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"Thanks because that responding therefore quickly. I simply walked out to pool and also tried to execute a video clip for you. Ns weigh approximately 120. When I step on the far finish of the step, only one or two bubbles come out and also then no more. If i move straight to the hairline cracked you can obviously see much more bubbles and if I move they continue. There space 2 present there yet only one is sending out bubbles out."
Susan Burton

Thank you for her inquiry. If girlfriend like, friend can give me a call and I have the right to talk a small bit about what’s going on through your step. The product that ns recommend for you is AquaBond SR-3000 Structural fix Compound. Friend would reduced the water level down, scrape out and also clean that crack, then use the structural fix adhesive. 

If it’s been leaking because that a long time friend may have actually some water underneath that step. That’s why you check out the bubbles comes up. The leak may have actually washed away the dirt the was under there. Ns assuming it"s dirt because your pool is 30 year old.

 SR-3000 is a structural acrylic repair adhesive and it should be able to hold that with each other unless yes a large void under that step - and also then you would should inject foam under there, i m sorry AquaBond carries. But that’s a enlarge job and also we would have to talk further around that issue." Mark Barnes


I just wanted to thank you so much for your assist a couple of weeks ago. Ns bought the product you suggested and also it functioned like a charm. I cannot give thanks to you sufficient for your patience and expertise!! friend did an awesome task and every one of my difficulties are solved!

Thank friend again!Susan

Methods because that repairing cracked steps in vinyl-lined inground swim pools

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Method 1Dry repair of Cracks

Chase the crack v a grinder, Dremel device or observed blade to give the crack some depth and allow much better adhesion for AquaBond SR-3000 Structural repair Compound. Smooth and clean the all set crack with sandpaper, climate wipe v isopropyl alcohol or acetone to remove any kind of residue and then apply the SR-3000 adhesive. Finish-sand the repair as essential or usage Aquabond"s patent pending polyethylene film application process to develop an amazingly smooth finish.

Material list:

1. DMK-3000 Structural fix adhesive kit.2. Optional: PEF-01 or PEF-10 Polyethylene movie Adhesive Applicator System

Method 2Sand-slurry and also Foam Injection because that Reinforcing Under-step Support

This choice requires a visual ar assessment for erosion the under-step support. You will need to replace as lot sand as possible then to fill the remainder of the void through AquaBond’s PF-3f7 High thickness Polyurethane Injection Foam.

You may need to hole-saw or drill each action to visually do a determination. (Remember to save the piece you hole-sawed the end for reattachment later in this repair). If over there is sand erosion, climate you can add sand slurry (water wet sand) into those holes, leaving a 2-3 inch gap for room come inject the foam. Inject foam progressively through hole right into wet sand slurry in ~ multiple angle to produce a an excellent sand-and-foam structure under the step. The foam can take 20-25 minute to totally expand so be patient. It expands as much as 15-25 time its original volume for this reason inject slowly and pay attention to how things space going.

Once the foam is injected and also cured, you can cut some that the foam out, 1/4 " deep, and also dispense AquaBond SR-3000 structural Repair link there and replace the cut-out pieces. Fill any type of gaps or edges to level the repaired area. Sand or grind the SR-3000 level if necessary, to remove any kind of rough edges.

Material list:

1. DMK-3000 Structural repair adhesive kit2. DMK-377 Foam Injection Kit3. Optional: You may need added PF-37 foam cartridges for larger voids4. Optional: added SR-3000 Structural repair adhesive 50 ml cartridges

Method 3 (Method 3 comes SOON! Expected ease of access October 1st, 2021)Dry or Underwater action Tread instead of (Requires our DM-400 Dispensing Gun)

First, repair any kind of cracks as in an approach 1, above.

Next, utilizing AquaBond"s VSRK-60 Vinyl step Repair Kit (Not yet available), reduced the brand-new step tread to size. Trim front leaf of brand-new tread to complete 1/2" to 3/4" in native rounded front leaf of the original step. Round-off the 4 corners and soften spicy edges. Fill all uneven surfaces in the old step tread with adhesive and also apply adhesive liberally to entire backside of the brand-new tread before setup it in place.

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When doing a dried repair, usage AquaBond SRX-3000-400 structural Repair link to adhere the brand-new tread in place over the old one. Caulk thoroughly about the perimeter of the new tread making use of the SRX-3000-400.

If law the fix underwater, use AquaBond UW-5000-400 Underwater Repair compound to adhere the new tread in place. Caulk thoroughly approximately the perimeter the the new tread making use of the UW-5000-400.Material list:

1. For above water or dry step tread replacement, use our VSRK-60 Vinyl step Repair Kit (Includes our DM-400 Dispensing Gun)1a. Optional: Extra VSRT-60 step Repair Treads1b. Optional: You might need added SRX-3000-400 adhesive cartridges for larger repairs or many steps

2. For underwater or wet action tread replacement, use our DMK-5000-400 Underwater repair Kit. (Includes ours DM-400 Dispensing Gun)2a. Optional: You might need extr UW-5000-400 adhesive cartridges for bigger repairs or lot of steps2b. Optional: Extra VSRT-60 step Repair Treads