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Care for your equine every job to do it happy. If friend don’t treatment for it, it will end up being sad. The more days pass without care the sadder the becomes. When it is yes, really sad it will do worse 보다 normal.

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Feeding her horse:

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When the eco-friendly spinning icons appear around your horse’s portrait you room in one area where you deserve to take treatment of your horse. To execute this, dismount and use her brush, hoof pick, water bucket, and also hay (or apple, carrot and also orange) on your horse. Thus you need to stand alongside your horse.

Your steed needs care when any type of of the need icons below its wellness bar is red. Yellow and orange coloured symbols mean that you should provide your horse attention soon. Because that every red icon the equine will perform worse than normal.


To actually have the ability to take care of your equine you must buy food i beg your pardon is easily accessible in every Food Store.

Hay: 50 JS | 5 SC

Large load of hay: 500 JS |20 SC

Apple: 100 JS | 3 SC

Orange: 100 JS | 3 SC.

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Carrot: 100 JS | 3 SC

Horse Gaits:





slow Gallop

fast Gallop


Can’t move, readjust direction

This appears when you’ve reached the gait in i beg your pardon you deserve to jump. To jump press an are bar or “0” (zero key) if you learned how to jump. You require to finish a special pursuit to learn how to jump.


Neither girlfriend or your horse have the right to swim. You will certainly be turned ago to your last position if you try it. Yet there is a unique area on ft Pinta Beach whereby you can swim and also have fun with your friends, have actually a barbecue, chill out on the deck chair, have actually picnics and also loads of much more stuff