Mexico’s Canelo Álvarez celebrate after beating Caleb tree by knockout in the 11th ring of a at sight middleweight marriage title fight in ~ the MGM grand Garden Arena in las Vegas ~ above Saturday.

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Canelo Álvarez loss Caleb plant by knockout in the 11th ring to become boxing’s undisputed supervisor middleweight champion in las Vegas ~ above Saturday.


Canelo Álvarez poses v his trainers and his championship belts after beating Caleb plant on Saturday.
LAS vegas — Canelo Álvarez came to be the first undisputed four-belt supervisor middleweight civilization champion in boxing background Saturday night, protecting against Caleb plant in the 11th round through two dramatic knockdowns.

Álvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs) included Plant’s IBF title to his very own WBC, WBA and WBO belts v a secure tactical performance culminating in a brilliant screen of his vaunted power to finish the formerly unbeaten plant at the MGM cool Garden Arena.

The mexican superstar typically recognized as the optimal pound-for-pound fighter in the world came to be the sixth guy to be a four-belt champion, and also he joined junior welterweight mockery Taylor as the only existing undisputed champs of your weight class.


Canelo Álvarez, left, tries to dodge a beat thrown through Caleb Plant during their location fight Saturday.
(Steve Marcus / associated Press)
After preventing three the his previous four opponents, Álvarez had actually to grind with a complicated matchup with the tenacious tree (21-1), that usually relocated backward and also worked behind his jab to remain away from Canelo’s power.

Álvarez stayed persistent and racked up a volume of top quality punches — and in the opening seconds of the 11th round, he sent Plant crashing to the canvas with a vicious combination followed by an uppercut while plant tried to duck away.

Plant obtained up unsteadily, and also Alvarez dropped him again v two big right hands, forcing referee Russell Mora to finish it.

Plant is a sturdy champion and an inspirational athlete who overcame numerous personal tragedies to earn a shot at the pound-for-pound champ, however the Tennessee native uncovered out simply how huge the void remains between Canelo and also his contemporaries.

Álvarez is the very first Mexican fighter to power undisputed atop a division, and also every flag-waving fan in the vehemently pro-Canelo sellout group of 16,586 seemed mindful of the achievement. The champion, a Guadalajara native, spoke frequently prior to the fight of his decision to attain the feat both because that himself and for Mexico.

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Round 11: Canelo Álvarez rocks Caleb Plant and drops him for the fight’s an initial knockdown with a left hook. He complies with it with a appropriate uppercut and Plant is finally floored for the first time in his career. Plant it s okay up and stumbles right into the corner. He’s clearly hurt. He gets up and Alvarez assaults him immediately. He smells blood in the water and also pummels Plant.

He scores an additional knockdown to punctuate his performance with a brief right hand. Plant falls face first. He tries to acquire up yet he’s plainly hurt. Referee Russell Mora stops the fight before any type of unnecessary penalty is administered.