This is specifically true for those that are new, and also have just started their journey in the art of walk upside down.

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I think the reason the tests one’s patience is due to the fact that you deserve to never accurately guess the work you’ll accomplish a brand-new skill or trick.

Sure you can train hard, eat well, and condition to store yourself strong and injury free, but you deserve to never say, “exactly X days from now, I’m going come land Y skill!”

You just work in ~ it, then work-related at it some more, and one day it just lands. Climate you come ago another day, and it’s gone. Climate it comes earlier again, till you come to be unconsciously competent and can literally throw it fifty percent asleep through the energy levels that a sloth.

Anyone that has actually mastered your standing back tuck, knows what I’m talk about.

But what if you there to be a way you might shave a few weeks off your finding out curve? What if there were tiny things you might do the would provide an immediate advancement in her performance?

Does something favor that also exist?

Well actually, that does. I call them tumbling hacks. I use them during private great or while providing seminars – due to the fact that I’m gaining paid to provide results as quick as humanly possible, and also today I’ll re-superstructure eleven the the finest ones I’ve to be able to destruction up.

Tumbling is a sports of patience… you deserve to never say, “exactly X days indigenous now, I’m going to land Y skill!” (Tweet This)

How go I acquire such hacks? part were v my very own experimentation, yet as because that others, mine research process was simple: ns contacted a some great coaches and athletes that have figured out their very own tumbling hacks, and also asked if they would be willing to re-superstructure their knowledge with the world. And also you know what? They happy agreed!

So without additional ado, let’s begin…

Tumbling hacking From Lee Grobstein

Tumbling Coach and Owner that Star Athletics Cheerleading


Hack #1: develop Round turn off Power

“I would say the kicking your 2nd leg increase (the back leg) in the roundoff have the right to really help drive your kick stronger/faster hence creating an ext power for your tumbling pass.”

Lee has actually a an excellent point here. A many times, athletes will acquire the correction come snap your feet with each other in the round off yet this can go one of two ways:

They might snap them together too early, leading to a loss of powerThey might snap them together too so late which is again, not an extremely efficient

Instead, shot this an easy two action process:

Train her needle kicks to it is in as quick as possible. Really emphasis on control those heels increase (see video clip below)Once your needle kicks have become quick, work-related on snapping the feet with each other at the 12 o’clock position in the handstand.

Once friend get good at that, it’s just a issue of act the same thing during her round off. A fun and also fool-proof drill is to shot a round turn off on to a block. It’s really tough to perform this unless you have actually a good drive from the earlier leg, and also a popular music off your shoulders. View the video clip below.

Hack #2: Increase power In ago Handsprings

“I would certainly say that pulling the arms to horizontal (straight the end in front of you) after her round off, before swinging castle back, deserve to increase the length and also power that the ago handspring.”

This is a good tip, particularly if you’re spring to work whips in the future because having her arms the end in front (or even at a 45 level angle) instead of by your ear out of the round off have the right to really provide you a chance to drive them ago as difficult as possible. To view a photo of what this should look like, I’ve thrown in a picture below using my an excellent ol’ action figure (his surname is Kenny, btw)


If you’ve to be doing earlier handsprings because that a lengthy time and currently have several power, climate this can not be a hack because that you because there’s no point in fixing what’s not broken. Yet for everyone that needs to job-related their rate (especially if you’re level 1-3), then you should absolutely give this a try.

Tumbling Hack from Richard Marks

Gymnastics Coach, and active Power Tumbler (his Facebook)

Hack #3: Getting much more set because that a earlier tuck or layout.

“This advice is for anyone who already can carry out a ago tuck or layout and also wants to learn just how to do it higher. One thing that I’ve been doing to achieve more height in any of mine tumbling is maintaining in mental a very basic technique: if you desire to go greater in your sets, you have to gain your top body lower.

What that means is the whether you’re tumbling out of a round-off or a earlier handspring, it’s really important to focus on looking at the floor and trying to keep your chest together low come the ground as possible before take it off. You can attain this in among two ways:

As you rebound off your shoulders, you want to absorb slightly through your eight (yes, bending them) so the you obtain lower to the ground before pushing hard and standing increase quickly! Or…Make your earlier handsprings longer and also really reach back, i beg your pardon in effect brings you reduced to the ground favor the first technique but you don’t need to sacrifice form to achieve it; however, this technique is a lot harder and also takes a lot more strength.

focusing on looking at the floor longer, getting your chest closer come the ground and standing up faster will all assist to a greater and an ext efficient set!”

It’s no mystery that a deeper and stronger block provides you more height because that your end skills, but what ns like around Richard’s technique is that he helps you attain the same an outcome in two different ways. I’ve thrown in two images below, using Kenny to demo it for me.


If girlfriend want video clip representation of the very first method (arms bending) you need to look no additional than Brandon McCuien. And also for a video clip of someone who’s mastered the art of a impede low with beautiful straight arms, view Florian Landuyt.

Both an excellent tumblers through two various approaches come blocking. Use what works finest for you.

Tumbling hacking From Elliot Helms

Tumbling Coach and energetic Power Tumbler (his Facebook)


Hack #4: Ultimate round Offs

“Probably the ultimate hack is the kick over the head in the round off, if the chasse(ing) movement is fast and the kick hard, that rotates the round off faster and also takes a ton of push of her hands.”

I recognize what you’re thinking, “Hey wait a minute, isn’t this comparable to the tumbling hack Lee was talking about?”

And the prize is yes. The factor I didn’t modify it out, is since I wanted you to see the importance of having a powerful round off. It’s constantly amazing to watch how an excellent coaches and also athletes end up with similar conclusions. This tumbling hack is a good example of that!

Hack #5: Front Twisting Without getting Lost

“In former fulls you should actually look over the opposite twisting shoulder, which permits you to see the soil the entirety time.”

Pretty self-explanatory. Elliot is just one of the only civilization I’ve ever before seen perform a separation kick Adolf (3.5 former twisting) and so as soon as it involves front twisting, he absolutely knows what he’s talk about.

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Hack #6: Smelly Twisting (this one is mine fav!)

“Can’t obtain a college student to gain their head turned about to clues in a full? Putch a scratch and also sniff sticker on your twisting shoulder and have them tell friend what flavor it is after the full, if lock don’t understand the flavor then their chin wasn’t rotate in!”

After Elliot said me about this, I have actually made the a mission to walk shopping because that a boat load the scratch and also sniff stickers. It’s for this reason simple, yet so brilliant that you can’t afford not to shot it.

And why no get creative with it? after ~ thinking around it, another method you can use this is when athletes that have really open tucks (front or back). Put the sticker labels on their knees – castle will have to tuck tighter if they want to smell the flavor!

Hack #7: acquire That Chin Down

“Can’t acquire a student to get their head in? especially in double backs or vaulting? Teach backward rolls through arms behind head grabbing her opposite elbows.”