Below is a English Compo composed by me in type 2. Please feel totally free to discuss it : )You heard that a haunted house and you desire to discover it alone. Explain how the haunted home looked, what you saw and the atmosphere.

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It was an old theatre i m sorry was provided to present movies. I had passed it as soon as or double in the past. Civilization told united state that it to be shut down due to the fact that a boy dropped off the balcony and got killed one night once the movie “Dracula” to be showing. It was haunted… There to be no name external the door, and no car parked nearby. I stopped and stood, looking in ~ the building. It to be tall and dark and also covered in jagged grey stones. Many the home windows were broken, and also the door looked like a giant’s big mouth. I took a deep breath as my teeth began to chatter, and my knees started to jelly. Then ns gazed up in ~ the scary building again and gulped. The looked choose the kind of ar you saw in a horror movie, where lots of human being go in however don’t come out. I started up the thirteen rock steps leading up to the door, each one cracked and covered through moss, and went in. I found myself stand in a long, dark and also cold corridor. I had my coat on, but was shivering every the same. Ns was freezing. I began to walk, the wall surfaces were scratched and scribbled-on, and also bits of the ceiling were flaky. It was a creepy place. I uncovered a door and also pushed the open. That creaked loudly. I almost turned and also ran. It sounded prefer the lid the a coffin being tugged open! I slowly stuck my head in and also found that it was the stairs approximately the balcony wherein the boy had fallen. I nearly jumper out of my skin as soon as someone lugged mine shirt. I turned and also looked under quickly. Over there stood the ugliest boy in the world. He to be staring at me as I had shocked him. The ugly and also creepy-looking young was short and thin, with an extremely white skin and had just a little crop the grey hair stuck on his head. He had tiny and also bony hands and also his eyes were therefore dark, as if lock were two pieces the charcoal, instead of eyeballs in them. He had a huge bloody scar running down his appropriate cheek. The reaches to his lips and also made the look like his mouth was stretching up the side of his face. I want to rush out of the haunted house and fast together my foot would carry me after ~ I had finished researching his terrifying face, but I stood, my feel had actually stiffened. Ns was shivering indigenous head to toe. Ns stood there gazing at the biology in former of me because that a long, lengthy time. I gradually crept back, earlier the method I had actually came, the method through the corridor, and also finally into the night. ns stood outside the haunted residence for a couple of seconds, staring up at the moon, researching the trees until I was certain that there to be no an ext immortal burking on any of the branches. Then, as quietly together I could, ns raced because that home.

I think you"ve done a very great job, Diona. Below are a couple of suggestions:an old theatre i m sorry was used to display movies = an old movie theatre
covered in jagged grey stones-- structures are not extended in, but made of.

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..a giant’s large mouth = a giant"s mouth (we understand giants are big-- that"s why you used that word!)knees began to jelly = knee turned to jelly (this is the idiom)I started up...and went in. Complicated to perform in one sentence. Try I climbed up...and went in.jumper = jumped lugged = tugged so dark = an extremely darkreaches = reachedI stood, mine feel had stiffened = i stood; my feet had stiffenedburking = lurking