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Heater main point nightmare = coolant carpet. What is the best method to clean that from the carpet there is no removing the carpet?I"ve check out that water would assist remove the coolant combined with a wet shopvac, yet then the floorboards would at some point rust. What around soaking the carpets v rubbing alcohol and then shopvac"ing it every out?
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Water works fine - shop vac that out and put a fan on the or store the windows open up for a few days while parked. To run the AC will also assist evaporate the water out. I like to mix a little basic green HD (purple in through the water). You could use alcohol if girlfriend wanted yet its overkill
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I simply assumed the floor plank would at some point rust out if girlfriend cleaned the carpets with water. PS. There is a TON of coolant in the carpets.
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If there"s a lot down in there, you"ll have to remove the carpets and also the padding and also let lock dry. I"m no sure just how it is every laid under in the Volvos, however I left the home window down in my old automobile & it started to get an impression mold. As far as I can tell, the was all laid under in one section, so I reduced a seam under the seats & removed the carpet and took it come a laundromat and also cleaned & dried it. That worked beautifully actually, and it wasn"t visible to someone not trying to find it.
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I had the same trouble 3 years ago. Ns didn"t eliminate anything yet I blotted as lot as i might multiple times over number of days. A shop vac sounds like it would certainly be an extremely helpful, yet i don"t very own one. I additionally peeled back the carpet native the console as far as I could to work on the padding and let that air out. It literally took months for it to completely dry out and there to be a stain left over. The doesn"t stroked nerves me currently - the Volvo floor mat covers increase the stain - yet if I had actually to go with this again (number one is I"d protect against the coolant spill) I would seriously number out a way to remove the carpet and also padding and also clean and also dry it exterior the car
I think this is not a great thing to clean carpet through water because i cant perform that sort of task with mine own. As soon as i visit to business station climate ask for cleaning mine whole car interior and also exterior parts. They administer me carpet clean services likewise with automobile wash or castle refuse to execute that climate i desire to call professionals lock come at my place and also giving advertisement carpet cleaning solutions under budget.

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I gotten rid of the prior seats, pulled the carpets and used copious amounts of water indigenous a water tap to get the coolant out. I reduced the foam padding and also rinsed that the end too. Ns reinstalled the foam with duct tape.
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Just be really carful no to spill any kind of coolant on the external door sill body work, ns made a chaos of mine once sponging the out, lethal stuff on the paint work !! To carry out it properly it really is ideal to lift the seat and also carpets out if it"s a complete dump, that"s a lot of coolant.

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I bought an s70 that had actually a heater core leak. Ns did a heater core bypass, eliminated the front seats and also console, gotten rid of the carpet (front and ago pieces), and also the padding (which ns threw out, however it is the very same multicolor, item foam padding that is offered in homes.) while the carpets room out, eliminate all the coolant residue native them through soap and also water, dry them up, and also the floorboards, and reinstall. As soon as i perfect you couldnt phone call that at one time there to be an customs of coolant sloshing about in the car. To trust me if friend dont eliminate the padding it will organize all the humidity in it, (thats why the carpets probably already seem dry) and also the padding will mold something dreadful then as soon as that odor gets in the headliner, vents, and seats, you will certainly not have the ability to remove it.
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v70snowbum wrote:I just assumed the floor board would at some point rust the end if girlfriend cleaned the carpets through water. PS. There is a TON the coolant in the carpets.

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The rust avoidance in a Volvo is impressive and I wouldn"t worry around this. Ns filled the floor pans through water several times to eliminate the pool of standing coolant I had actually when mine Heater main point went. I dried that in the hot sunny weather, making use of the home windows up test to mark when every the moisture was gone.
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