It’s every fun and games till the soft drink ends up top top the carpet! it’s dark brown, sticky and also full that sugar: a perfect barisalcity.orgbination for a difficult stain.

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So, what perform you do as soon as someone pour out coke ~ above the carpet? don’t stress, with simply some soda water and also a clean cloth you should be able to get the stain out without much hassle. Simply remember, it’s an extremely important barisalcity.orge act as quickly as the spill occurs. These steps will it is in most reliable on freshly-spilt soft drink, and you may have actually a more difficult time if the stain is job old.


Soda water

Clean white or colourfast towel, or document towel

Warm water

Dishwashing liquid


Use a clean cloth or record towel to soak increase the Coke. Wrinkles the bath towel over and also stand top top it, or usage the heel of your palm to use pressure. Save doing this till no an ext liquid is gift soaked up. In my experiment in the lab, there wasn’t much visible staining left ~ this step. However, with a stain barisalcity.orgprise sticky, sugary liquid, the is still important to carry out the next actions so that dirt no stick barisalcity.orge the soft drink residue.

Pour part soda water ~ above a clean cloth, and also dab in ~ the impacted area using a rolling motion. Don’t obstacle or scrub in ~ the carpet, or friend may just spread the stain. Store doing this either until there is no an ext colour transport onto the cloth, or you have covered the whole influenced area.



Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid v 1 litre of warmth water. Tenderness sponge the stain barisalcity.orge wet the carpet fibres and then blot dry by place downward pressure on the wet area with a special absorbent cloth. The dishwashing laundry detergent will aid remove any kind of remaining sugar residue for this reason helping stop the stain indigenous returning.

If you have actually the Electro 3 Spot and Stain remover on-hand then you have the right to use this amazing product rather of the dishwashing detergent solution to remove the street residue. Simply spray the impacted area and wipe in one direction number of times and repeat, clean everything in the other direction.

Speed Drying: To assist ensure the stain treatment procedure doesn’t cause a secondary issue such together water-marking we rebarisalcity.orgmend you dried the area quickly with a pedestal fan of wrinkles a beach towel over number of times and also place the on the stain through a heavy publication on top.

If every goes well, every traces of the Coke will certainly be gone! If you’re dealing with an old stain, or one that’s specifically stubborn, you might need to contact in the experts.’s carpet cleaning technicians use specially-formulated dry-cleaning options to remove all kinds of stains. Give us a contact on 13 33 79, to get your stain-removal needs sorted.

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