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Access your saved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alert emails once price changes, new offers become easily accessible or a auto is sold.
You"re now logged in as and also will receive alerts as soon as price changes, new offers become available or a automobile is sold.
Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price alert emails when price changes, new offers become accessible or a vehicle is sold.
You"re now logged in together and will receive alerts as soon as price changes, brand-new offers become obtainable or a automobile is sold.
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You probably know what one oil adjust is in ~ this suggest in her driving life, and you also know that the oil is what keeps things relocating smoothly in your vehicle. But, go you understand that it"s an essential to keep up through your transmission liquid as well?

Checking your transmission fluid regularly is easy, and also can save you money in the long run. Our team at Audi Devon has actually put together this simple, step-by-step overview to on how to inspect transmission fluid prior to you ever have to leaving the driveway.

Why need to I check My transmission Fluid?


Why carry out we acquire our blood checked? sounds a tiny weird, but think around transmission liquid as the lifeblood the your…you guessed it: transmission. When things go wrong with your transmission, it can acquire expensive. Check your infection regularly can tell friend if there is a possible leak, or low or worn out liquid levels.

Prepping to inspect Your infection Fluid

Checking your transmission liquid is method easier than you can think, but you"ll want to take a couple of steps come prep. First, make sure you have actually a light-colored (preferably white) towel and your owner"s hands-on in case you need it together a reference. Then, warm up your car for a few minutes so that the fluids broaden under the heat, offering you the many accurate read.

Now You"re Ready! Follow this Steps:

Locate the transmission liquid dipstick. This is the handle that"s sticking out of the transmission.Pull the dipstick out. Be sure the engine is quiet running, and also the auto is either in Neutral or Park.Check the fluid by clean everything the dipstick through the white towel, and also look for these signs:
a. If the color is…

i. Red: Newer transmission fluid is a glowing red color, therefore this is great!

ii. Dark red to light brown: This is typical for to run vehicles-also totally fine for the time being.

iii. Dark brown come black: This suggests that over there may already be concerns with the transmission, for this reason you"ll desire to obtain to your auto technician ASAP.

Smell: Transmission liquid should not provide off much of an smell if that does not must be changed. However, if a charred smell is comes from it, that"s a sure sign something is wrong.Consistency: The consistency the the transmission liquid can it is in a little thicker; however, if girlfriend find large elements or debris on the stick, that could indicate that something is wrong through the infection or various other parts of the engine.Wipe the dipstick clean through the rag, reinsert it, and pull it the end again. There space two currently on the dipstick; if the liquid does no reach above the lower line, that means it"s time to add more.

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If girlfriend do need to add more fluid, you deserve to do so yourself or consult your auto technician.

Get aid with Your infection Fluid check Reading

Now the you"ve learned exactly how to examine transmission fluid, this straightforward indication of miscellaneous going can keep a tiny problem small, and also save you money!

If you room in the area of Malvern, Conshohocken, or Devon, and also have any much more questions around checking your infection fluid, or need assist with the analysis you got, you re welcome feel free to contact ours certified auto technicians in ~ Audi Devon, and also we"ll be happy come help!